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  • AnglAis 10CO

    Treasure Island by RObeRt lOuis stevensOn


    Heidi WAtsCHingeR pARis & CAtHeRine FisCHeRgROupe dAnglAis du CyCle dORientAtiOn, genve, 2012

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  • Treasure Island Worksheets 3

    WORKSHEET 1 Exercise 1 Look at the list of words and match each word with its correct definition and translation. Regarde la liste de mots ci-dessous et relie chaque mot sa dfinition et sa traduction.

    a beginning (noun) to come to pass un narrateur

    a character (noun) identical un cadre

    a main character the first part or section of a book or a film un point culminant

    a minor character the context and environment where something happens un personnage


    a climax (noun) the person who tells a story un vnement

    an ending (noun) something that happens at a certain place and time un personnage

    an event (noun) an imaginary person

    represented in a work of fiction (play, film or story)

    une fin

    to happen (verb) se passer

    a narrator (noun) a sequence of events arranged in chronological order un personnage


    the same (adjective) the moment when a book or film ends (the opposite of beginning) une chronologie

    a setting (noun) not a very important character un dbut

    a timeline (noun) the decisive moment in a book or film le mme

  • Treasure Island Worksheets 4

    WORKSHEET 2 Exercise 2 Translate the following words into French. Traduis les mots suivants en franais. a chapter : _______________________________

    different : _______________________________

    a line : _______________________________

    a paragraph : _______________________________

    a role : _______________________________

    a title : _______________________________

    Source :

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  • Treasure Island Worksheets 6

    WORKSHEET 3 Exercises 1 & 2 1) Look at the cover, then find the vocabulary to describe it and write it on the picture

    using arrows. Ask your teacher to help you if necessary. Regarde la couverture, puis trouve le vocabulaire pour la dcrire et cris-le sur limage laide de flches. Demande ton enseignant-e de taider si ncessaire.

    Source : Ward, Ann. Treasure Island. Based on book by Robert Louis Stevenson. Harlow: Penguin Readers, Pearson Education Limited, 1999.

  • Treasure Island Worksheets 7

    2) Use the vocabulary below to complete this description of the cover. You dont need all

    the words. Utilise le vocabulaire ci-dessous pour complter cette description de la couverture. Tu nas pas besoin de tous les mots.

    beach boats flag hills island palm trees parrot

    pirates sailors sails sea ship sky

    In this picture we can see a nice blue .., some .. and the

    ....... . There is a big .... with a British ... . The

    on the big ship are down, so it isnt moving. In front of it there are two small

    ..... with .. in them, they are moving towards the

    .... . There are some .... on the right of the

    picture and we can see the .. at the bottom.

    Source :

  • Treasure Island Worksheets 8

    WORKSHEET 4 Exercise 3 Use the new vocabulary to write a description of the DVD cover (minimum 50 words). Utilise le nouveau vocabulaire pour crire une description de la couverture du DVD (minimum 50 mots).

    Source : Treasure Island, Dir. Byron Haskin. Book by Robert Louis Stevenson. Walt Disney Home Video, 1950.








  • Treasure Island Worksheets 9

    WORKSHEET 4 Exercise 3 Use the new vocabulary and words you already know to complete the description of the DVD cover. Utilise le nouveau vocabulaire et les mots que tu connais dj pour complter la description de la couverture du DVD.

    Source : Treasure Island, Dir. Byron Haskin. Book by Robert Louis Stevenson. Walt Disney Home Video, 1950.

    In this picture we can see a ... and a boy. The man has got black hair, a

    beard and strange eyes. He has got a black .., a white shirt and a red jacket

    and there is a green .. on his shoulder, so maybe he is a

    .... . The young boy has got light brown hair and he has got a white shirt and a

    brown waistcoat. Under the title we can see the .... , an

    ... with a beautiful white .... and lots of

    and finally a big . with white .

  • Treasure Island Worksheets 10

    WORKSHEET 5 Exercise 4 Fill in this ID card of the author with the information on page V of your book. Complte cette carte didentit sur lauteur avec les informations que tu trouveras la page V de ton livre.

    First names : _______________________

    Surname : _______________________

    Year of birth : _______________________

    Place of birth : _______________________

    Writes his first book at the age of ______

    Islands visited : __________________________________________

    Family : __________________________________________

    Famous books : __________________________________________

    Year of death : _______________________

    Place of death : _______________________

    Source de lillustration :

  • Treasure Island Worksheets 11

    WORKSHEET 6 Exercises 5 & 6 5) Look at the pictures in this book. When do you think the story happened ?

    Regarde les images du livre. Dans quel sicle penses-tu que lhistoire sest passe ? a) 18th century b) 20th century c) 21st century

    6 a) Listen to the beginning of the story and fill in the text.

    Ecoute le dbut de lhistoire et complte le texte. My father had an inn near the sea. It was a __________ place. One day, an old man came to

    our door. He was __________ and strong, and his face was brown. His old blue coat was

    __________ and he had a __________ old box with him. He looked at the inn, then he looked at

    the sea.

    My father came to the door.

    At first the __________ man did not speak. He looked again at the sea, and at the front of the


    I like this place, he said. Do many people come here?

    No, said my father.

    Im going to stay here, said the old man. I want a bed and food. I like watching the sea and

    the ships. You can call me Captain.

    He threw some money on the table. Thats for my bed and my food, he said.

    And so the __________ captain came to stay with us. He was always __________. In the

    evenings he sat in the inn and in the day he watched the sea and the ships.

    One day he spoke to me. Come here, boy, he said, and he gave me some money. Take this,

    and look out for a sailor with one leg.

    He was afraid of that sailor with one leg. I was afraid too. I looked for the man with one leg, but

    I never saw him.

    Then winter came, and it was very __________. My father was ill, and my mother and I worked

    very hard.

    Early one January morning, the captain went to the beach. I helped my mother to make the

    captains breakfast. The door opened and a man came in. His face was very __________ and he

    had only three fingers on his __________ hand. I could see that he was a sailor.

    Can I help you ? I asked.

  • Treasure Island Worksheets 12

    6 b) What type of words are they ? Write them down and find their opposites.

    De quel type de mots sagit-il ? Ecris-les ci-dessous et trouve leurs contraires. They are _____________________.

    _____________________ _____________________

    _____________________ _____________________

    _____________________ _____________________

    _____________________ _____________________

    _____________________ _____________________

    _____________________ _____________________

    _____________________ _____________________

    _____________________ _____________________

    England and Wales

    Source : Thomas Jefferys in Salmons Geographical and Historical Grammar.

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  • Treasure Island Worksheets 14

    WORKSHEET 7 Exercises 1, 2 & 3 1) Read the beginning of the story on page 1 and fill in the grid.

    Lis le dbut de lhistoire et remplis la grille.

    Setting Time Indicators Characters











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