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1. yjsj.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C R E A T I V E A D V E R T I S I N G A G E N C Y- T A S M A N I A -T R E A S U R EI S L A N D 2. YJSJs proposed campaign Tasmania:Treasure Island, will offer a quirky andengaging marketing strategy to motivatetravel to the state.Whilst Tasmania may not have the palm trees,42 South offers a chest-full of uniqueadventures and precious places to discover.Building on the weaknesses of the Afterglowcampaign, this proposal will strengthen andbroaden Tasmanias current brand equity, itsbrand loyalty, alliances with externalstakeholders, and of course, image andidentity.Having families as the campaigns identifiedtarget market invites involvement andreinforces the accessibility and uniqueness ofTasmania as a prime holiday destinationoffering tourism for the whole family.yjsj.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C R E A T I V E A D V E R T I S I N G A G E N C Y 3. L I M I T A T I O N S O F T H E A F T E R G L O WThe Afterglow campaign embodied anovertly short-term approach in generatingtourism numbers and revenue within thestate. Given the amount of funding behindthe campaign this is particularly concerningand something that is addressed in thisproposal. This band-aid approach togenerating tourism was established via: The characteristics of its target market, Its short timeframe and The sudden discard of its virtualmarketing tools.Where there may have been scope to keepthe effects of the Afterglow campaignreverberating, we feel the sudden closure ofthe campaign misused fresh opportunitiesand wasted revenue.yjsj.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C R E A T I V E A D V E R T I S I N G A G E N C Y 4. T A R G E T A U D I E N C EAppealing to the family market carriessignificant power when it comes togenerating long-term benefits for thestate and it is proposed that TourismTasmanias next campaign operatewithin a long-term framework, ensuringthe generation of sustained tourism andrevenue.Perhaps the most important thing inappealing to families are the long-termbenefits generated by simply fosteringadventurous childhood memories.These memories are some of the mostprecious carried into adulthood, and itsthese memories which Tourism Tasmaniamust seek to foster and engage with.We see these memories as facilitatorsensuring the return of visitors to thestate long term. It is this recognitionwhich underpins this campaign.yjsj.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C R E A T I V E A D V E R T I S I N G A G E N C Y 5. C R E A T I V E S T R A T E G YThe creative strategy of the campaign will takestrong stylistic and emotional cues from itsTasmania: Treasure Island identity.This theme will seek to nostalgically resonatewith parents whilst alluding to an exciting andadventurous experience for children. Bothprint and online communication platforms willbe utilised:- Development of a microsite which featuresshort teaser videos, and adventurous anddiverse itineraries tailored for family fun.- Development of print adverts for feature innewspaper and travel/womens magazines.- A childrens activity pack incorporatingcoloured pencils and travel journals full ofactivities based around Tasmania, animalsand places, blank pages for personal entriesand drawings, as well as treasure mapsbased on places around Tasmania - to begiven out on flights to Tasmania and on theSpirit of Tasmania.- Phone app incorporating itineraries andactivities based around the Tasmania:Treasure Island identity.yjsj.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C R E A T I V E A D V E R T I S I N G A G E N C Y