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With advanced planning, you can manage your Facebook business Page for as little as 10 minutes a day. Click through for tips to save time and attract your favorite clients through education marketing. Need more support? Check out http://facebook.com/mastery/ for a self-paced course, plus answers to all of your social media questions through our private Facebook group.


<ul><li> Facebook in 10 Minutes a Day Save Time on Facebook with Advance Planning Gail Nott Social Media Strategist http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> What We'll Cover * Know your clients * Content inventory * Fast ways to create content * Calendar/Checklist * Sample Facebook Routine * Scheduling * Focus http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> About Me * Started as a Webmaster in 1997. * Front-end web developer Account Management for small business clients. * After 9/11 Started my own business as a massage therapist. * Opened a wellness center w/40 practitioners &amp; instructors. * Web marketing for my business &amp; received 2 Constant Contact awards. * I now support entrepreneurs in influencing their industry by being seen &amp; heard to attract clients they love. http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> Why Facebook? Source: http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/files/2013/04/social-media-demographics.png Choose 1 &amp; get it done. (Then add another) http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> Know Your Ideal Clients Know who you're sharing with so that it's easier to know how to phrase your updates, as well as to know what updates will be important to your fans. If you know your audience well you'll avoid wasting your time and theirs with irrelevant posts. http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> FAQ's What are their concerns before they need your services? * What problems are they facing? * When they wake up in the morning, what do they worry about? http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> Content Inventory Videos Blogs Company News Articles White Papers Slideshows Infographics MP3's Interviews Podcasts Workshop Notes Handouts Books/Book Chapters http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> Organize to Fit Your Top 10 FAQ's 1. Time Setup checklist, calendar, sample routines. 2. Where to Start Target market profile, social media demographics 3. Focus List of apps,time management tips, expert interviews 4. Get Clients Target market profile, Content to Clients process 5. Do I have to? - Social media demographics, expert interviews/biz analysis 6. Being interested Blogs, videos, expert interviews 7. Be unique Content to Clients process 8. How often Social media demographics, how-to videos 9. How to delegate -Blogs, videos, expert interviews, my SOP 10. Biz/Personal Expert interviews, guest bloggers, blogs, videos http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> Use a Marketing Calendar/Checklist Use Google Calendar, a task manager (I use Asana.com), or a spreadsheet as your publication calendar. Create an entry each day for the types of content you want to post. What do you already use to Get Things Done? http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> Sample Facebook Routine * Post on Page * Respond to comments or questions on Pages. * Comment on at least 3 Pages as the business Page. * Post on personal Timeline (you could share your business Page post). * Comment on at least 3 personal Profiles of business contacts. * Post &amp; comment in at least 1 Group. http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> Schedule Your Posts * HootSuite or Sendible * Facebook Scheduler * PostPlanner When you start to create an update, click on the clock, then pick the year, month, day, and time you want your update to be published. http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> FOCUS * Avoid browser tabs * Use a timer * Close your browser when done * If needed, use an extension that forces you to close the browser, like StayFocusd or Procrastinator for Google Chrome. http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> Do You Need More Support? Gail Nott has placed me on the map when it comes to Internet Marketing. When I started, I wasnt on Facebook and didnt even understand the concept. Gail was very patient in explaining it to me and walking me through the process. She helped me move at a pace I was comfortable with from that first foray into social media to building my own website. Brandy Mychals Creator of the Character Code System www.BrandyandVinca.com Best of all, Gail is very easy to work with and gets along with everyone. I highly recommend Nott Ltd Solutions! http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> Facebook Mastery: Step-by-Step What Well Cover: * Content Planning Blogs, Images, Infographics, Videos, Engaging Posts * Call to Actions (that arent salesly!) * Creating a Comprehensive Plan: Purpose, What &amp; When to Post, Consistency * Growing Your Facebook Audience: Content, Plugins, Cross-Promotions, Tagging, Links, Contests * Rich Engagement that moves your business relationships forward. * 10 Things Not to Do! * Getting the Most out of Facebook Ads $197 10% Donated to Typhoon Yolanda Relief through GlobalGiving.org http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> <li> Summary * Know your clients * Content inventory * Fast ways to create content * Calendar/Checklist * Sample Facebook Routine * Scheduling * Focus Facebook Mastery Step-by-Step http://gailnott.com/mastery </li> </ul>