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Eye sight is a basic need for humans. Hence, eyeglasses became more popular and are most important to attain clear vision.


  • Eyeglasses Frames Materials and Its Qualities

    Eye sight is a basic need for humans. Hence, eyeglasses became more popular and are most important to attain clear vision.

    How to Choose Eyeglasses:

    Eyes say lot about you and create a trust on you. You should choose perfect eyeglasses for yourself. Choose eyeglasses which are flexible, hypoallergenic, durable and corrosion resistant. Choose frame temples that give a perfect grip when you are in sweat.

    Note: co-injected temple gives a perfect grip.

    Sorts of Eyeglasses Frames:

    Differenteyeglasses are made of certain materials, frames, temples and lenses. However, frames gives life to eyeglasses and it is made of metals and plastics. In current century frames are available with other materials like bone, gold, sterling silver, wood, buffalo horn.

    Metal Frames:

    Metal frames are made of different materials like monel, stainless steels, beryllium, titanium, flexon and aluminum. Except monel all other materials are light weighted and strong. All these materials have a quality of corrosion resistant except monel. Flexon, beryllium and monel gives flexible frames in eyeglasses. Besides, titanium, flexon and stainless steels are hypoallergenic but other materials are not.

    Stainless Steels:

    Stainless steels are also made of nickel free materials to make it as a hypoallergenic. Stainless steels are heat resistant and corrosion resistant.


    Frame manufacturers nowadays make frames with beta titanium and titanium. The reason behind is, it make eyeglasses with light weighted, durable, hypoallergenic, gives a range of colors and resist corrosion too.


    Monel is used to make eyeglasses even if they are not corrosion resistant. Since, with exact coating material like palladium or nickle-free they resist corrosion.


    Beryllium is flexible, light weight and strong which makes durable eyeglasses. Its cost is low when compared to titanium.

  • Flexon:

    Eyeglasses made of flexon are even more flexible than any other metal frames. Flexon material eyeglasses comes to its original shape after it is crushed or twisted. It gives a light feel when you wear flexon material eyeglasses. As stated above, it is light weighted, hypoallergenic and resist corrosion.

    Plastic Frames:

    Plastic frame comes with nylon, zylonite, cellulose acetate propionate and polycarbonate materials. Polycarbonate and nylon materials are used with safety and sports frame eyeglasses. Zylonite frames gives innovative temples, multicolor layer in a single frame and is more popular due to this quality it deserves. Cellulose acetate propionate material eyeglasses are luster, transparent, hypoallergenic and light weighted.

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