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The Eyeglasses. Thesis. William Carlos Williams uses eyeglasses and other visual imagery as a representation of the world being ruled mathematically when one should truly use their imagination. . Overall Interpretation. A lot of things are the same “The universality of things” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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The Eyeglasses

ThesisWilliam Carlos Williams uses eyeglasses and other visual imagery as a representation of the world being ruled mathematically when one should truly use their imagination. Overall InterpretationA lot of things are the same The universality of thingsBeauty can come unexpectedlywith clover and the small/ yellow cinquefoil in the/ parched placesEyeglasses give a misleading imagedistortion of eyeglassesWilliams wants to be independent and not use his eyeglassesthey lie there with the gold/ earpieces folded down/ tranquilly TitcacaSense: Meaning and LanguageAllegory: Eyeglasses represent precision and helpfulnessAllusion: TiticacaTheme: IndependenceTone: DeterminationPoint of View: Third personAllegory: Representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material formsAllusion: Brief reference to a person, place, or eventTiticaca is a lake on the top of the Andes mountainsIndependence: This is the theme because the character is not wearing the glasses because he does not want to depend on them, he would rather see on his own

4Senses: Imagery and SymbolsImagery: candy melon flowers farmers shoulders daughters accidental skin yellow cinquefoil eyeglasses brown celluloid made to represent tortoiseshell typewriter gold earpieces folded down tranquilly Titicaca

Senses: Imagery and SymbolsSymbols: Mathematics: exactness; precisenessEyeglasses: clearness; helpFarmers shoulders: hard workDaughters accidental skin: reward of hard work (Fathers hard work benefits the daughter)Linen: shows the clarity the eyeglasses provide

Style: Poetry TechniquesPersonification: Eyeglasses that see everythingJuxtaposition: Distortion of eyeglassesthe quality or the farmers shoulders and his daughters accidental skinIrony: But they lie there with the gold earpieces folded down

Personification: the attribution of human characteristics to inanimate items eyeglasses dont actually see just help us see more clearly

Distortion of eyeglasses Distortion: the action of giving a misleading account or impression eyeglasses give the opposite of distortionFarmers shoulders: shaped from hard work on the farm differs from accidental skin smooth, unharmedIronic that he is not wearing the glasses after he says that they see everything so he knows that they are helpful7Structure: Form, Organization, and PatternEnd-stopped: dashes at the end of lines (4x)Enjambment: First 10.5 lines are all one sentenceLines 11-25 are all one sentencePeriods are in the middle of lines 11 and 25Pattern/Stanza: 3 line stanzas until the endRepetition: Eyeglasses x3

Sound: Musically and Auditory TechniquesAlliteration/Consonance:ShouldersSkin So SweetSmallParched PlacesRemain RelatedMan Magazine MadeTranquilly TiticacaActivity

Discuss with a partner:

Who do you see? Marilyn Monroe or Albert Einstein? Would it have been different if you saw the other? Why or why not?10Activity 2Think back to your childhood. How was imagination different from what it is now? How would your life be different if it was the same?ConclusionBy the way William Carlos Williams ends the poem, it can be concluded that although his point has been conveyed, the world will still take some things for granted and not see things how they truly are.