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  • 1. + 6 Essential Nutrients
  • 2. + Journal Write down everything you ate and drank yesterday. Break it up into meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and snacks. Example: Breakfast Snack Orange Juice Granola bar Special K cereal Dinner Yoplait yogurt Spaghetti with meat Lunch sauce Garlic Bread Turkey sandwich Caesar Salad Apple Water Wheat Thins Water
  • 3. + Breakfast?
  • 4. + Breakfast Tid-Bits By recharging the brain and body with breakfast, youll be more efficient in just about everything you do. Studies show that kids who skip breakfast are tardy and absent from school more often than children who eat breakfast on a regular basis. Some people skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight, but the practice is more likely to cause weight gain than weight loss. Breakfast skippers tend to eat more food than usual at the next meal or nibble on high-calorie snacks to avoid hunger.
  • 5. + Nutrients Quiz What type of nutrient (carbs, protein, fat) are the following foods? 1. Brownies 2. Eggs 3. Bananas 4. Olives 5. Chicken 6. Crackers 7. Potatoes 8. Cheese 9. Almonds 10. Pasta 11. Butter 12. Beans 13. yogurt
  • 6. + Nutrient Quiz Answers What type of nutrient (carbs, protein, fat) are the following foods? 1. Brownies simple carbs saturated fat 2. Eggs egg whites = pure protein egg yolks = fats 3. Bananas simple carbs 4. Olives fats 5. Chicken protein 6. Crackers complex carbs 7. Potatoes complex carbs 8. Cheese fats 9. Almonds protein unsaturated fat 10. Pasta complex carbs 11. Butter fats 12. Beans protein 13. Yogurt protein
  • 7. + Vocab. Nutrient: a substance in food that helps with body processes Calorie: a unit of energy produced by food
  • 8. + CARS
  • 9. + Cars What is a purpose of a car? What do cars need to move and go? Are there different varieties of fuel? What is the Motor of the cardoes the engine matter? What are different makes and models of cars? What kinds of colors to cars come in? Do cars break down without proper maintenance? Who repairs cars?
  • 10. + Human Body What is the purpose of a body? What does the body need to move? Are there different sources of fuel? What is the motor of the body? What are different shapes and sizes of bodies? Do bodies come in all sorts of colors? Do bodies breakdown and if so where do we go to repair?
  • 11. + Car vs. Body Car Body Vehicle to get to point A to Vehicle to get to point A to B B Requires fuel Requires Fuel (food) Fuel: low, mid, premium Food: low, mid, premium Motor (burns fuel) Metabolism (burns food) SUV, sedan, convertible, e Pear, apple, hourglass, sti tc. ck Multi-colored Black, white, red mechanic doctor
  • 12. + Fact!!! None of us got to choose our body! No matter what our given physical vehicle might be, we all have the responsibility to treat it with care in order to ensure it will run well as long as possible.
  • 13. + Journal Go back through your food from yesterday and label the good foods and the bad foods. Examples?
  • 14. + Good, Better, Best There is NO such thing as bad foods!!! Butrather, there are GOOD, BETTER, & BEST foods too choose from. MODERATION IS KEY!!!
  • 15. + 3 Grades of Fuel Unleaded Will fuel the car but may cause build up in engine Mid-grade Unleaded Good fuel not the best but runs cleaner than unleaded Premium Unleaded Finest fuel helps the motor run clean
  • 16. + Body has 3 levels of fuel as well Unleaded: gives fuel (energy but may cause build up in the body) Example: donuts, cookies, soda, potato chips, cinnamon rolls, candy bars, crackers, burgers, fries, pizza
  • 17. + Mid Grade Fuel mid-grade unleaded: runs cleaner than unleaded but still may have harmful effects on the body Processed meats and cheeses, macaroni and cheese, hamburger, chicken with skin, canned fruits and vegetables, processed foods, white bread, fruit juices,
  • 18. + Premium Fuel Premium Fuel: runs cleanest in the body Apples, oranges, grapes, skinless chicken, turkey, carrots, broccoli, any fresh vegetables, mozzarella cheese, brown rice, whole wheat bread, nuts, organic food sources.
  • 19. + Grains and the 3 fuel degrees Unleaded: Cinnamon roll, crescent, butter roles, pop tarts Mid-grade: White bread, white rice, potatoes Premium: 100% whole wheat bread, brown rice
  • 20. EssentialMacronutrients
  • 21. Carbohydrates
  • 22. + Carbohydrates The bodies preferred source of energy!!!! Should make up about 50-60% of our daily food. Main dietary sources: bread, pasta, crackers, cereals, potatoes, fruit, etc. 2 Types of Carbs Simple Carbs Requires little digestion a quick energy source Fruit, candy, baked goods Complex Carbs Requires more digestion sustained energy Mainly grains & some veggies
  • 23. + Dietary Goal Make at least HALF of your grains WHOLE!!! WHY??? Consuming whole grains as part of a healthy diet may reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions. Eating whole grains may help with weight management. How can we do this?
  • 24. Fats


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