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  • You are what you eat!
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  • The 6 Essential Nutrients Essential Nutrients Fats Carbs Water Minerals Protein Vitamins
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  • Nutrients vs. Cal/g
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  • Calorie- is a measure of heat. It is usually abbreviated as kcal, kc, C, or capitalized as Calorie. 1 gram of Carbs = 4 Calories 1 gram of FAT = 9 Calories 1 gram of Protein = 4 Calories Calorie Calculation Carbs: 22 grams x 4 Calories/gram = 88 Calories Fat: 3 grams x 9 Calories/gram = 27 Calories Protein: 2 grams x 4 Calories/gram = 8 Calories --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL Calories: 123 kcals
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  • ATP PRODUCTION High intensity activity Low intensity activity Glucose Fatty Acids Amino Acids
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  • ROLE OF CHOs IN THE BODY Energy source (high intensity exercise) Protein sparing Metabolic primer for fat metabolism Fuel for the central nervous system Bulk (fiber)
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  • Increase Preferred High Carbohydrate Foods
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  • Keep Intake of Unpreferred High Carbohydrate Foods to a Minimum
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  • Dietary Fiber Water-Insoluble Fiber Prevents the big C! Water-soluble Fiber May reduce serum cholesterol Wheat Bran Whole Grain Popcorn Nuts & Seeds Skins on Frts. & Vegs Oats & Barley Brown Rice Legumes Peas & carrots Flaxseed Psyllium Some Frts. & Vegs. RNA: 20 to 35 g/day (3:1 ratio water-insoluble to water-soluble)
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  • Types of CHOs G G G G G GG G G Animal Polysaccharide STRING PRIMARY SOURCE OF ENERGY DURING EXERCISE GLYCOGEN Glycogen: Is the chief storage Form of CHO in Animals: it is stored Primarily in the liver And muscles.
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  • MUSCLE GLYCOGEN LIVER GLYCOGEN BLOOD GLUCOSE Fuel for muscles Fuel for the brain and muscles
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  • ENERGY RELEASED FROM SUGAR - Sugary foods such as fruit, Fruit juices, candy, or soda pop, Eaten in place of a meal cause a Quick rise in blood sugar and Energy -About an hour later blood Sugar and energy decline rapidly, Bringing on symptoms of Hunger. Meal eaten an energy Released from sugar
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  • Energy Released From Sugar, Starch, Protein, & Fats Meal eaten & Energy released From sugar & starch Energy Released from protein Energy released from fat Energy Release
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  • Faster Rate of glucose absorption into the blood Slower rate of glucose absorption into the blood
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  • 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Glycemic Index of some Popular foods High GI: >60 Mod GI: 40-59 Low GI:
  • Compound Lipids Low Density Lipoproteins (LDLs) High Density Lipoproteins (HDLs) < 130 mg/dl > 35 mg/dl Depositor Scavenger Lipids are not water soluble and blood is 90% water. Thus, lipoproteins are responsible for most lipid transport in blood
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  • DERIVED LIPIDS Synthesized in the body (endogenously - mostly LIVER) Related to heart disease! Absolutely essential for life! Precursor for steroid And several hormones, required for cell membranes!
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  • DERIVED LIPIDS Found only in animal products! It does not contain FAs (not considered a LIPID). RDA: < 300 mg/day
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  • Fiction Vs Fact What Promoters Claim High CHO diets are fattening What Research Support When it comes to weight control, CHOs are not the problem. What matters are calories Calories eaten compared to number or calories burned.
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  • Fiction Vs Fact What Promoters Claim CHO-rich diets result in increased insulin levels in the body Too much insulin causes the body to store CHOs as fat. What Research Supports The bodys ability to use fat is influenced more by the athletes activity level than by insulin production Exercise is the way to burn body fat.
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  • Fiction Vs Fact What Promoters Claim 40-30-30 sports bars enhance endurance by Increasing fat burning During exercise Too much insulin causes The body to store CHOs As fats What Research Support These bars wont improve Endurance or fat Metabolism Faster fat metabolism doesnt come in a wrapper Any more than bigger muscles come in a can.


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