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Six Essential Nutrients. 1. Water4. Protein 2. Carbohydrates5. Minerals 3. Fats6. Vitamins. Water (H 2 O). Controls body temperature. Enables living plants and animals to hold their shape. Involves the transport of nutrients at the cell level through osmosis and diffusion. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 1. Water4. Protein2. Carbohydrates5. Minerals3. Fats6. Vitamins

  • Controls body temperature.Enables living plants and animals to hold their shape.Involves the transport of nutrients at the cell level through osmosis and diffusion.Helps digest feeds.Carries waste-products resulting from body functions.Major part of all body fluids.

  • Furnishes energy for:A. body functionsB. growth and fatteningC. reproductionThe largest part of an animals food supply (usually the roughage in the diet). 4 calories per gramIncludes sugars, starchs, and cellulose.Made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

  • Furnishes a concentrated source of energy. (2.25 times as much energy as C6H12O.) 9 calories per gramForms cholesterol, steroids, and other body compounds.Found in every cell in the body.Skin and hair conditions are affected when fat is absent from the diet.Provides:Energy reserves Protection for vital organs Insulation for the body Made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

  • Needed for growth and repair of the body.Helps form the greater part of: 4 calories per gramA. muscles and internal organs.B. skin, hair, wool, and feathers.C. hoofs and horns.Contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.

  • Potassium, phosphorous, and calcium are necessary for healthy bones.Salt (NaCl) is important in most body functions (i.e. appearance, growth, appetite).Iron is required for healthy blood and skin.Most other minerals are essential, but are required in smaller amounts.

  • Needed in minute amounts.Essential for life and health.Catalyst for body processes.Promotes growth and reproduction.Contributes to the general health of the animal.

  • VitaminSourceNeedDiseaseAYellow vegies, dairy, fish and liverNight blindness, Night blindnessB1-6 ComplexRiboflavin Niacin, ThiamineMeat whole grains and bananasNervous system, low energyBeri BeriB12meat, dairyDNA MetabolismLebers


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