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- An Ocean of Essential Nutrients. ARCTIC™ - an ocean of essential nutrients Produced from fresh fish No chemical additives Real balance of important nutrients Enhances the ability of the body to make an efficient use of all nutrients Excellent fresh fish surrogate: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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- An Ocean of Essential Nutrients

1 ARCTIC - an ocean of essential nutrientsProduced from fresh fishNo chemical additivesReal balance of important nutrientsEnhances the ability of the body to make an efficientuse of all nutrientsExcellent fresh fish surrogate: - one part of ARCTIC is equivalent to 5 parts of fishFish nutrients are recommend by doctors and nutritional experts worldwideARCTIC makes fresh fish available (in the form of tablets or powder) to all those who do not have ready access to fresh fish or can not afford it.


ARCTIC contains all the valuable minerals, vitamins, amino acids and Omega-3 fatty acids found in fresh fish.- Eat More Fish!

3 ARCTIC - Marketing Approach

The full nutritional qualities of fish being made available in tablet form

To take advantage of the increasing interest in marine natural dietary supplements

To actively exploit prevailing trends: purity, nature, origins, foundation, healthy values

To benefit from the role fish plays in the lives of members of the target groups: worthy of notice, as fish is considered healthy and extremely nutritious

- A Natural Start of the Day4

ARCTIC is available in two forms:

Tablets: - Boxes 125 tabs- Boxes 250 tabs

Powder bags:- Aluminum bags 250 grams



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