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  • Equality Standard Equality, Diversity and InclusionSystems ThinkingNHS Employers Partners Programme 2015/16

    16 Sept 2015Ricky Somal Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead

  • Awards and Recognition (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust2014 Leading by Example; Southern Healths Equality Standard cited in national E&D report (NHS Providers)2014 Equality Standard case study published in Equal Opportunity Review (EOR) Magazine2014 Personal Fair Diverse (PFD) Organisation Winner Award (enei)2014/15 National Equality and Diversity Partner (NHS Employers)2014 International Diversity Champion Winner Award (Diversiton)2014 UK Baby Friendly Initiative Accreditation (UNICEF)2014 Top 100 Best places to work (HSJ)2 ticks - Positive about disability symbol (Job Centre Plus)Sandra Grant, Director of People and Communications2015 Diversity Leader Award (NHS Employers)

    Ricky Somal, Equality and Diversity Lead2015 Highly Commended - Head of Diversity and Inclusion (Excellence in Diversity Awards)2014 Shortlisted for NHS Leader for Inclusivity (TVWLA) 2014 Shortlisted for Equality and Inclusion Champion Award (enei) 2014 Highly Commended PFD Champion Winner Award (NHS Employers)2014 Top 50 Pioneer in Healthcare (Health Service Journal) 2013 Top 50 Pioneer in Healthcare (Health Service Journal)2013 PFD Champion Winner Award (NHS Employers)

    Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust2015/16 National Equality and Diversity Partner (NHS Employers2015 Shortlisted for PFD Organisation Award (enei)2015 Top 100 Best places to work (HSJ)

  • Integrated Equality Service - IES

    Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust (Host)Portsmouth Hospitals NHS TrustSolent NHS TrustBuckinghamshire Healthcare NHS TrustNorth Middlesex University Hospitals NHS Trust

  • Equality Standard Roadmap to 2018

  • Driving EDI performance through

    Governance and Reporting*Organisational and Cultural Development*Workforce and Customer Engagement*Learning Education and Development*Employee Relations Performance

  • What is the 5 point integration plan for equality and diversity?The 5 point integration plan includes: Equality Impact Group (EIG), the strategic steering committee for equality and diversity and will include attendance from each clinical and corporate division. The EIG will be used to measure and monitor our diversity performance at a organisational and service level;

    Equality Standard is a toolkit that carries the values of the EDS2 and WRES. Evidence submitted against standard criteria is assessed against a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

    VOX POP is our workforce diversity engagement programme and the VOX POP champions network will have the opportunity to attend diversity seminars and training events.

    Diversity Moments is our diversity training program and offers applied diversity training across the organisation.

    Diversity Scorecard is how we measure our diversity progress using a variety of research methods (qualitative and quantitative).

  • Diversity Moments

    Diversity Moments is an initiative that aims to embed equality, diversity and inclusion into the clinical and workforce strategy. This initiative includes a series of high impact training opportunities including:

    Systems Thinking

  • Activity 1:

    Arms folded

  • Activity 2:

    Write down on a piece of paper

  • Activity 3


  • Activity 4: Communication

  • Activity 5: Set and System

  • Activity 6: Framing the situationYour own google map

  • Criteria of Systems ThinkingFrom the parts to the wholeFrom objects to relationshipsFrom objective knowledge to contextual knowledgeFrom contents to patternsFrom quantity to qualityFrom hierarchies to networksFrom structure to process

  • The systems thinkerSee the whole picture

    Changes perspectives to see new leverage points in complex systems

    Looks for interdependencies

    Gives a voice to the long term

    goes wide peripheral vision to see cause and effect relationships

  • Ricky Somal Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead

    Southern Health NHS Foundation TrustHuman ResourcesHawthorn LodgeMoorgreen HospitalBotley RoadSouthamptonEnglandSO30 3JBTel: 02380 475151 | Mob: 07584 408097Email: ricky.somal@southernhealth.nhs.ukPID: rickysomal@nhs.netWeb: www.southernhealth.nhs.uk


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