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All you wanted to know about diversity, equality and inclusion

by Toronto Training and HR

December 2015


CONTENTS3-4 Introduction5-6Definitions7-8The business case for diversity9-10Key benefits of improving diversity11-12Taking action over diversity 13-15Culture and diversity16-17Hidden biases and diversity18-19Challenges in making diversity a priority20-21Measuring diversity22-24Common pitfalls in diversity training23-24A stakeholder engagement culture and change25-26Gender bias27-28Evolving the HR management process for gender diversity29-30Initiatives to improve gender diversity31-34What the best employers do to boost gender diversity35-37An age diverse workforce 38-39Diversity in the Canadian mining industry 40-41An Australian approach to recruit and retain a diverse workforce42-43Encouraging inclusion44-45Modelling inclusion 46-47Organizational inclusive behaviours48-49A toolkit for inclusion50-51Conclusion, summary and questionsPage 2


Page 3Introduction


Page 4Introduction to Toronto Training and HRToronto Training and HR is a specialist training and human resources consultancy headed by Timothy Holden 10 years in banking15 years in training and human resourcesFreelance practitioner since 2006The core services provided by Toronto Training and HR are:Training event designTraining event deliveryHR support with an emphasis on reducing costs, saving time plus improving employee engagement and moraleServices for job seekers


Page 5Definitions


DefinitionsDiversityInclusionEqualityEmployment equityEthnicity

Page 6

6Diversity C3Diversity A1Diversity B8Diversity B7

Page 7The business case for diversity


The business case for diversityPeople issuesMarket competitivenessCorporate reputation

Page 8

8Diversity A1

Page 9Key benefits of improving diversity


Key benefits of improving diversityEngaged employee and volunteersReflective community voiceEconomic resilienceEnhanced innovation and services

Page 10

10Diversity August 2014 H

Page 11Taking action over diversity


Taking action over diversitySetting objectivesCreating plansImplementing and adjustingMeasuring outcomesConnecting

Page 12

12Diversity C

Page 13Culture and diversity


Culture and diversity 1 of 2Cultural competencePut on ones cultural lensAsk questions to learn moreReflect on your own reactionsAdjust your behaviour

Page 14

14Culture, diversity

Culture and diversity 2 of 2Cultural differencesHigh/low hierarchy valuesIndirect/direct communication stylesGroup/individual focus

Page 15

15Culture, diversity

Page 16Hidden biases and diversity


Hidden bias and diversityWhat are hidden biases?How behaviour can be affectedShifting criteria in hiring and talent promotionWhich voices are heard?The urge to help

Page 17

17Diversity August 2014 E

Page 18Challenges in making diversity a priority


Challenges in making diversity a priorityOrganizational capacityCommunity profileDefining the value of diversityLanguageRisk

Page 19

19Change April 2014 A

Page 20Measuring diversity


Measuring diversityExternally-focused measuresInternally-focused measures

Page 21

21Diversity C5

Page 22Common pitfalls in diversity training


Common pitfalls in diversity training 1 of 2Too little focus on the impact of emotionsFailure to engage white malesLack of a compelling business caseCompliance-drivenToo much focus on helping whites understand the challenges of others

Page 23

23Diversity, training

Common pitfalls in diversity training 2 of 2Lack of engagement from all levels of managementReactive, not proactiveFailure to make difficult decisions

Page 24

24Diversity, training

Page 25Gender bias


Gender biasDesign TechniquesManagement

Page 26

26Change A1

Page 27Evolving the HR management process for gender diversity


Evolving the HR management process for gender diversity RecruitmentPerformance reviewsCareer managementPromotion shortlistsHigh potentials

Page 28

28Diversity, gender diversity A

Page 29Initiatives to improve gender diversity


Initiatives to improve gender diversityBuild female networksProvide more flexible workingMake it easier for women to take career breaksHelp them achieve work-life balanceEnsure that women have the same career development opportunities as men

Page 30

30Diversity August 2014, gender diversity

Page 31What the best employers do to boost gender diversity


What the best employers do to boost gender diversity 1 of 3Examine the purposeTear up the role rule bookBreak down hierarchyDeliver what employees valueFish differentlyWelcome diversityListen carefullyMeasure and transform culture

Page 32

32Diversity August 2014, gender diversity

What the best employers do to boost gender diversity 2 of 3Examine management stylesRethink career pathsLearn from the bottom upRedesign roles and recognitionMake everyone a heroLearn from the bottom up

Page 33

33Diversity August 2014, gender diversity

What the best employers do to boost gender diversity 3 of 3Create transparency by implementing gender diversity KPIsImplement measures to facilitate the work-life balance

Page 34

34Diversity, gender diversity A

Page 35An age-diverse workforce


An age-diverse workforce 1 of 2BenefitsChallengesReasons for not seeing an increased interest among mature employeesReasons for seeing an increased interest in working later among mature employeesAttitudes towards training and developing mature employees

Page 36

36Diversity, age August 2014

An age-diverse workforce 2 of 2Ways in which organizations support the extension of working lifeHealth and wellbeing provisions to support extending working lifeProvisions to support dependant care responsibilitiesActivities to access skilled and diverse workers of all ages

Page 37

37Diversity, age August 2014

Page 38Diversity in the Canadian mining industry


Diversity in the Canadian mining industryAttraction and recruitmentAdvancement and retentionHR planning and processesExamples of best practiceRecommendations for mining industry employers

Page 39

39Diversity C

Page 40An Australian approach to recruit and retain a diverse workforce


An Australian approach to recruit and retain a diverse workforce CarersAboriginal peoplesNon-English speakersYoung peopleGraduatesDisabled people

Page 41

41Diversity, recruitment, retention

Page 42Encouraging inclusion


Encouraging inclusionBe values-drivenSeek input in unlikely placesEncourage contrariansEnable leadershipShare information

Page 43

43Diversity A9

Page 44Modelling inclusion


Modelling inclusionProvide the big tentErase lines and boundariesLead by example

Page 45

45Diversity B2

Page 46Organizational inclusive behaviours


Organizational inclusive behavioursDefinitionBroad areas of organizational inclusive behavioursWays to measure organizational inclusive behaviours

Page 47

47Diversity June 2014 A

Page 48A toolkit for inclusion


A toolkit for inclusionPlanning for diversityPlanning an inclusive eventHosting an inclusive event

Page 49

49Diversity August 2014 M

Page 50Conclusion, summary and questions


Page 51Conclusion, summary and questionsConclusionSummaryVideosQuestions



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