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  • Inclusion, Equality & Diversity

  • 2Inclusion, Equality & Diversity

    Coast & Country is committed to offering services that meet the needs of all of our tenants and customers.

    This leaflet gives information about the support that is available to help you get the most out of the services that Coast & Country offer.

    If you are interested in our approach to Inclusion, Equality and Diversity, we would love to talk to you about our commitment. If there is anything else in this leaflet that you would like more information about, just contact us on 01642 771300 or by email at

    Reporting Hate Crime

    Did you know that all Coast & Country Housing offices are Hate Crime Reporting Centres?

    That means you can call in to see us and report hate crime in a safe place.

  • Inclusion, Equality & Diversity


    About YouAbout You is a survey that we regularly send to all of our tenants, helping us to understand more about the services you value and how we can better deliver them to meet your needs.

    We know, for example, that around half of our tenants are aged over 55, so we actively look at the services that we offer to older people. The survey also gives you the opportunity to tell us what you need as an individual. If you have poor eyesight for example, we can send you large print versions of any of our literature.

    You might wonder why we need to know some of the more personal details about you, like your religion and sexuality, for example. We ask these types of question so that we can make sure services are being accessed by all groups and that satisfaction with those services is the same as it is elsewhere. If satisfaction is lower within these groups, it tells us that we need to look again at our services and how we are delivering them.

  • Inclusion, Equality & Diversity


    Did you know? Coast & Country can produce documents in large print on request. Hearing loops, signers or translators are available at Coast & Country

    events. We are committed to writing in Plain English so that publications are

    easy to understand. If you cannot speak or read English, we offer a translation service to

    help you understand. Our website has been designed to be accessible to as many people as

    possible. We have a Tenant Communications Panel who help us to ensure

    documents are fit for purpose.

    When you visit our main offices We have baby changing facilities. We have accessible parking and facilities.

  • Inclusion, Equality & Diversity


    Repairs and Maintenance

    Did you know? We help older people to change their batteries in smoke alarms and carbon

    monoxide detectors. We give priority to vulnerable tenants when the repair required is causing a

    serious problem. A repair or maintenance appointment can be arranged to fit around

    childcare. We can provide a gardening service for a small charge, which in some cases

    can be claimed through housing benefit.

    We can fit flashing doorbells for deaf people, so they know when someone is at the door.

    Help to find a home

    We can help you to find a home. If you are not currently registered for a housing application, please contact your local Housing Office who will be happy to help.

  • Inclusion, Equality & Diversity


    Resident Involvement

    We make sure our services are shaped around you by listening to your views about the services that we provide.

    To support you to get involved we offer: A refund of out of pocket expenses. Transport to and from meetings and events. Accessible venues. Information in different formats. Hearing loops or signers if required. One to one support. An induction pack. Help with caring responsibilities.

  • Inclusion, Equality & Diversity


    Benefit and Money Advice

    Coast & Countrys Benefit and Money Advice team are here to advise and support you.

    You can get help and advice about:

    How to keep your rent up-to-date.

    Checking you are getting the right benefits.

    Help filling in benefit forms and getting claims backdated.

    How to manage your money. How to get home contents


    How to open a bank or savings account.

    How to open a credit union account and where the nearest collection point is.

    Saving money on gas, electricity and other bills.

    How to avoid getting into debt or how to get out of debt.

    Start Right, Stay Right

    We have a team, funded by the Big Lottery, who help new tenants to get off to the best possible start in their homes by helping with a range of money matters.

  • Inclusion, Equality & Diversity


    Journey into Work

    Journey into Work is a project to help unemployed tenants move closer to employment through training, volunteering and work placement opportunities.

    Advice services available include job clubs and one to one support from job advisors. We also create opportunities for people to volunteer or do work placements with us.

    Westfield Farm, our Redcar-based Tenant Resource Centre, is a one stop shop to help you into employment. At Westfield Farm, youll find the help and support you need to get into work.

    You can find Westfield Farm on Facebook!

    Get Connected

    We believe that being able to access on-line services can really improve peoples lives. With that in mind, we support our tenants to get the skills that they need. As well as providing IT training, our Westfield Farm venue offers a free IT suite and we have Digital Champions that will help you get started.

    Westfield Farm is part of the UK Online Centre network and you can start your computer learning journey with a basic computer training package Learn My Way. Most of our new starters arrive not being able to turn a computer on, so dont worry if thats you. Once you are on your way we can offer further training to get you to the level that suits you.

  • Inclusion, Equality & Diversity



    HomeCall Independent Living Service (part of Coast & Country Housing) is dedicated to meeting the needs of those who need support to stay living independently at home. The service helps people to remain in their own homes, safely and securely for as long as possible.

    You can choose from a number of options to get the right package to suit your needs. From assistive technology and personal care and social support,

    HomeCall has it all covered, all in one place.

  • Inclusion, Equality & Diversity


    Carers Emergency Card Scheme

    This scheme offers peace of mind for carers. Carers who are worried about what would happen if they were taken ill or not able to get to the person they care for may benefit from this service. If the carer is not available for whatever reason, action is planned to support the cared-for person in their place.24 hour support is also available.


    We provide an adaptations service to help people live more confidently on their own.

    We carry out adaptations, such as: Grab rails. Hand rails. Banisters. Half steps. Lever taps.

    Tenants are assessed and can be referred to an Occupational Therapist. You maybe able to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant to cover this work. Some types

    of adaptation devices such as grab rails and lever taps can be agreed without anassessment. This is called Adaptations without delay.

    Additional sockets. Additional lights. Door entry systems. Stair lifts.

  • Inclusion, Equality & Diversity


    We dont tolerate

    Hate CrimeHate crime is when crime, nuisance, harassment or anti-social behaviour is directed at members of identified groups, such as gay men or women and people with physical or mental disabilities. Coast & Country is committed to making sure that all tenants enjoy the right to peace, quiet and security in their own homes. The Company works hard in partnership with organisations including the Council and the Police, to keep neighbourhoods tolerant and respectful places to live in.

    Hate crime can seriously impact on the lives of individuals and can disrupt whole communities. All of our offices are third party reporting centres, meaning anyone (including a witness or someone on behalf of the victim) can visit to report hate crime. Look out for H8 stickers in the windows. We treat all reports seriously and confidentially and will take action where this is agreed with the victim.

    Domestic AbuseCoast & Country supports the Councils Sanctuary Scheme, aimed at helping people suffering from domestic abuse to live safely in their homes. The scheme offers:

    The creation of a safe room (the Sanctuary Room). Fire Security equipment. Panic Alarms. Window locks. New door locks.

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