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  • By Charlie, Azar & Aldis28/01/2013 15:1528/01/2013 15:15

  • EQUALITY&DIVERSITY28/01/2013 15:15


    Equality basically means equal rights for people regardless of what factors they might have that is different. Equality states that because they are human they must be equal. In general it means treating everyone equally regardless of their colour, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability .it is different to treating people the same way; different people have different needs, so personality should treat in different way. For example, it would not be equal treatment to provide two different individuals with information about the services available written in English, if one of those people spoke another language and could not understand English. We need to explain everything in their language

    28/01/2013 15:15

  • EQUILITY AND DIVERSITYDiversity: It means understanding that each person is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. These can be race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, and religious beliefs. Diversity understands how our differences may effect or influence our relationships at work. The Benefits of living in a divers society is like language, education, tolerant, social cohesion and food. E.g. Language :- When you are at school you are able to learn other types of languages such as : Spanish, French, and German by learning to speak all of these will lead you into good stead in the future. Social Cohesion we can learn how to lead with people who have different culture than us. So we can learn how to respect and communicate with them in a positive way. Tolerant: we accept people with their beliefs, religion and their culture. Another benefit is diet, where you can eat what you like such as a chinese, indian or italian and these can be accessed in most places as we live ina a multi-cultural society.

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  • Individual RightsIndividual rights e.g. allowed privacy, protected from danger and harm

    Individual rights are having the right not to be discriminated at e.g. age, gender, colour etc. for instance, if there were discriminated, and theyll lose their self-esteem and feel like they dont fit in the group. The other thing about individual rights is having respect. For instance, getting respect from other individuals and giving to other people too. Individual rights are having privacy and also confidentiality. For example, if they feel that they have confidentiality, they feel safe because they know that when they told the person the person isnt going to run off and spend their information e.g. name, address etc. The professional will tell the client if needed that theyre going to tell their colleague or mangers for help. Free from harm for individual rights are protecting the individual such as, equipment, cleaning products and medication. These things should be kept in a safe place such as a cupboard, where its locked up and no one can get holed of it expect from the professional workers. Communication method for individual rights is showing respect, for example, giving the individual eyes contact, listening skill, body language and also facial expression. Making sure that the person is actually listening to the people that talking and also its important that the professional communicate with each other with information so that everyone known information and people are safe.

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    At some point in our life we will not feel well. We are not aware of when this is going to happen. From time to time we may need to into our local hospital depending on how bad our illness is. It is our choice weather we want to get our illness checked our by our local G.P. If our illness is a long term illness. Social services can provide some support mainly for elderly care , infection control 28/01/2013 15:15


  • What is the care value base ? The care value base are a set of rules and guidelines that every care practitioner has to follow in order to provide services to their clients. The Care value base has the right to treat patients and clients the same. Everybody likes all the staff and the social care needs to respect the care value base. The staff at the care home will need to assist and look after their service users correctly. This is not a choice, it is compulsory. If you work by this you are then in turn meeting all clients PILES needs.

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  • Care Value Base Providing individual care ,providing effective communication and relationships between the carer and the clients, Protecting people with all kind of abuse e. g. sexual, physical, emotional, to recognise peoples personal beliefs and identity. Support and care people in the same way and equally, respect their continuality and dont discriminate 28/01/2013 15:15

  • Dealing with tensions and contradiction- this is when care workers may find themselves with conflicting views with others e.g nurses. What is important here is that we deal with these professionally and in a positive calm mannerEmpowerment/choice- we always trying to give power back to service users and family. choice is also another way in promoting good care e.g food or clothes. Dignity- respecting the elderly e.g if the elderly are in the toilet we would knock the door to give them respect to go into the toilet. Staff training-training staff is very important .they should train to know how to deal with different situation like manual handling ,first aid, control of hazards e.g if they train for manual handling they can reduce the risk of injury during their work to the lowest level reasonably practicable.

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  • Promoting good care Base Values The following should be observed in the care home: Promoting anti- Discrimatory practice, The care home should be willing to look after all their patients, regardless of their ethnic or cultural background. Maintain confidentiality:- Store all patients information in a secure place. As this information is personal to them it should not be shown to anybody other than themselves or family relations if nessecery. Promoting and supporting service users:- it is important that all service users are all being treated correctly and kept in a safe. I5t is important that everybody is kept and feel that they are totally safe and not in any danger. 28/01/2013 15:15

  • Case Study Dorothy moved to a care home two years ago after her husband past away and since this her feeling very sad and isolated. One morning when the career was waking her up, there were really rude to her e.g. shouting at her and calling her names. Their also said that shes a pain. After that Dorothy went to the manager and complains about the staffs attitude, she was crying all the time. Care home provided by social services for those who need someone look after them. Dorothy have right to treat in dignity and equally. The staffs need to respect her and they shouldnt shout at her because its their responsibility to look after Dorothy. They also should give them respect. When they wanted to go to her room they should knock the door and then go through. All the staff should have training before employing to know how to deal with different situation. After that manager spoke to the staff and told her that attitude is not acceptable and send her to training again. Manager went to Dorothy again and do apologise and said that staff is not dealing with her anymore and she said we will sent someone else to do your job. Manager makes Dorothy calm and happy with her good communications and skills which she has got and trained before about this kind of situation.

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