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1. DatasheetEquality and Diversity Awarenessmindleaders.comEnsuring your people treat everyone fairlyThis elearning module is designed around the Equality Act 2010, the law which bans unfair treatment and promotes equalopportunities in the workplace and in wider society. Replacing previous anti-discrimination laws, the Equality Act made it easierfor people to understand and comply with the law by simplifying the legislation and removing inconsistencies. The act alsostrengthened protection in some situations.The act defines nine protected characteristics which cannot be used as a reason to treat people unfairly. More than one ofthe characteristics applies to all of us, so the act protects everyone against unfair treatment. The following characteristics areprotected: Age Disability Gender reassignment Marriage and civil partnership Pregnancy and maternity Race Religion or belief Sex Sexual orientation.The Equality Act sets out unlawful treatment including direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, victimisation and failingto make a reasonable adjustment for a disabled person. The act prohibits unfair treatment in the workplace and in education;whilst providing goods, facilities and services; when exercising public functions and in the disposal and management ofpremises. Discrimination based on association is also prohibited.Key InformationCourse Topics:Covering all the protected characteristics, this moduleexplains direct and indirect discrimination, associativeand perceptive discrimination along with victimisation andharassment in the following five topics: What is Equality and Diversity? Equality and Diversity Legislation Discrimination Responsibilities in Preventing Discrimination Supporting Equality and DiversityDuration: 90 minutesDelivery: Available for delivery on CD, via el-box oronline on AIMS(AIMS is our online learning management system, accessible from any PC with a broadband connection. The el-box is atouch-screen tablet PC pre-loaded with our elearning courses.)Like Us Follow UsWatch UsFind Usfacebook.com/MindLeaders@MindLeaders youtube.com/MindLeadersIncSearch MindLeaders 2. DatasheetEquality and Diversity Awarenessmindleaders.comBenefits for EmployersHigh quality, consistent and cost-effective induction and compliance training Better trained staff lead to better audits and inspections, and a higher level of customerservice Automatically generated comprehensive learning records Reduces (or eliminates) the risk of equality and diversity complaints at sites and legal action casesBenefits for LearnerseLearning allows learners to progress at their own pace and in their own timeIncludes narration throughout which is helpful for learners with reading problems or non-native English speakersNon-threatening learning with engaging graphics and interactions Provides the awareness, knowledge and confidence needed to exceed the expectations of service users andcolleagues.About MindLeadersExpanding the boundaries of training technology for over thirty years, MindLeaders reaches out across the world to changelives through learning. Our elearning solutions, cloud-based learning management systems and pioneering learning servicesdevelop talent and drive performance in more than 2,500 organisations across thirty countries.We are proud to be a global partner for digital literacy programmes and a leading provider of work-based learning andelearning content to the hospitality, health and social care, education and corporate sectors in the UK. MindLeaders offers avast portfolio of business and IT professional courses which are integrated with a complete talent development system.MindLeaders customers range from schools, colleges and care organisations to national governments and some of theworlds most well known brands. Our popularity is based on award-winning course design and delivery solutions, unrivalledcustomer service and a firm commitment to our company values. Contact us today to talk about partnership opportunities.Like Us Follow Us Watch Us Find Usfacebook.com/MindLeaders@MindLeadersyoutube.com/MindLeadersInc Search MindLeaders