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  • 1. #USGTL #EdSoMe #EdSoMe: Ideas for Teaching & Learning with Social Media Dr. Chris Linder & Chandler Thompson, University of Georgia

2. #USGTL #EdSoMe Introduce Yourself Text 721510 & your name, role, & institution to 37607 3. #USGTL #EdSoMe What is a hope you have related to using social media? Text 721511 and your message to 37607 4. #USGTL #EdSoMe What is a fear you have related to using social media? Text 760775 and your message to 37607 5. #USGTL #EdSoMe Technology should not and will never replace education, but assist educational practice, improve teaching efficiency, and enhance student learning experiences. (Liu, 2010, p. 113) 6. #USGTL #EdSoMe Benefits: SoMe & Classrooms Connectivity & networked learning (Kabilan, Ahmad, Abidin, 2010; Tarantino, McDonough, & Hua, 2013) #USGTL #EdSoMe 7. #USGTL #EdSoMe Benefits: SoMe & Classrooms Increased engagement & communication throughout the week (Brown, 2013) 8. #USGTL #EdSoMe Benefits: SoMe & Classrooms Faculty engagement & intentional use increases effectiveness (Junco, Elavsky, & Heiberger, 2013) 9. #USGTL #EdSoMe Benefits: SoMe & Classrooms Less anxiety to answer via Twitter (Jackson, 2011) 10. #USGTL #EdSoMe Benefits: SoMe & Classrooms Technical benefits: Up- to-date technology, ease of use, efficient (Hurt, Moss, Bradley, Larson, Lovelace, Prevost, 2012) 11. #USGTL #EdSoMe Faculty-Student Relationships 12. #USGTL #EdSoMe Challenges: SoMe & Classrooms Privacy (Friesen & Lowe, 2011) #USGTL #EdSoMe 13. #USGTL #EdSoMe Challenges: SoMe & Classrooms Accessibility #USGTL #EdSoMe 14. #USGTL #EdSoMe Challenges: SoMe & Classrooms Student resistance (prefer to keep academic and social separate) (Brown, 2013; Hurt et al., 2012) 15. #USGTL #EdSoMe Challenges: SoMe & Classrooms Copyright, ownership, and original work (Brown, 2013) 16. #USGTL #EdSoMe Challenges: SoMe & Classrooms Commercialism (Friesen & Lowe, 2011) 17. EXAMPLES #USGTL #EdSoMe 18. #USGTL #EdSoMe Sharing & Strategizing Find two people to talk to (groups of 3) Share one idea you have for incorporating social media in your classroom as an activity or an assignment. Brainstorm the challenges, benefits, and logistical aspects of your idea. #USGTL #EdSoMe 19. #USGTL #EdSoMe Contact Us! Dr. Chris Linder @proflinder linder@uga.edu Assistant Professor, College Student Affairs Administration Chandler Thompson @ChandElaine cethomp2@uga.edu Graduate Student, College Student Affairs Administration 20. #USGTL #EdSoMe References Brown, P. G. (20130). An experiment in using Twitter in teaching a student affairs practicum course. The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs. Retrieved http://studentaffairs.com/ejournal/Summer_2013/AnExperimentInUsingTwitter.html. Friesen, N., & Lowe, S. (2011). The questionable promise of social media for education: Connective learning and the commercial imperative. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 28, 183-194. doi: 10.1111/j.1365- 2729.2011.00426.x Hurt, N. E., Moss, G. S., Bradley, C. L., Larson, L. R., Lovelace, M. D., Prevost, L. B., Riley, N., Domizi, D., & Camus, M. S. (2012). The Facebook effect: College students perceptions of online discussions in the age of social networking. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 6(2), 1-24. Jackson, C. (2011). Your students love social mediaand so can you. Teaching Tolerance, 48(39) 38-41. Retrieved http://www.tolerance.org/magazine/number-39-spring-2011/feature/your-students-love-social- media-and-so-can-you. Junco, R., Elavsky, C. M., & Heiberger, G. (2013). Putting Twitter to the test: Assessing outcomes for student collaboration, engagement and success. British Journal of Educational Technology, 44(2), 273-287. doi: 10.111/j.1467-8535.2012.01284.x Kabilan, M. K., Ahmad, N., & Abidin, M. J. F. (2010). Facebook: An online environment for learning of English in institutions of higher education? Internet and Higher Education, 13, 179-187. Liu, Y. (2010). Social media as a learning resource. Journal of Educational Technology Development and Exchange, 3(1), 101-114. Tarantino, K., McDonough, J., & Hua, M. (2013). Effects of student engagement with social media on student learning: A review of literature. The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs. Retrieved http://studentaffairs.com/ejournal/Summer_2013/EffectsOfStudentEngagementWithSocialMedia.html.