Social Media: Facebook and Twitter for Teaching and Learning

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Presented at the New Media Consortium Conference, 6.2010 #nmc2010


  • 1. Mobile Learning and Social Media: Increasing Engagement and Interactivity
    Tanya Joosten | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Interim Associate Director, Learning Technology Center
    Lecturer, Department of Communication
  • 2. Who are our students?
  • 3. I want to feel connected
  • 4. According to a survey by Joosten (2009), students reported that they need good (67%) and frequent communication (90%) with their instructor and good communication with their classmates (75%). They also reported that they need to feel connected to learn (80%) (
  • 5. I dont use e-mail
  • 6. According to PEW Internet study, Teens who participated in focus groups for this study said that they view email as something you use to talk to old people, institutions, or to send complex instructions to large groups (
  • 7. I *do* use social media A LOT
  • 8. According to Bulik (July 8th, 2009) They go to social networking sites 5 days per week and check in 4 times a day for a total of an hour per day (para 7).
    According to PEW Internet study, Nearly three-quarters (72%) of online 18-29 year olds use these sitessimilar to the rate among teenswith 45% doing so on a typical day (
  • 9. I am mobile
  • 10. According to Joosten (2009), 71% of students want to receive text messages about their class (
    According to PEW Interent, the typical American teen sends and receives 50 or more messages per day, or 1,500 per month.
  • 11. Solutions
  • 12. Would you recommend the instructor continue using the social networkingtools? Why or Why not?
  • 13. What did you like best about your experience using the social networking tools (facebook & twitter) in this class?
  • 14. If you could fix one thing about the use of the social networking tools, what would it be?
  • 15. Satisfaction
  • 16. Engagement, Presence, Learning
  • 17. Communication and Networks
  • 18. Connect w/me
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