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  • Human Capital on Cloud Nine

    Facts delivers the finest HR & Payroll software to help you improve your workforce management efficiently.

    Whether you are looking for an HR software, HRMS (Human Resource & Payroll Management software), WPS

    Compliance, Wage Protection System, Payroll software or a Convenient Payroll service, our integrated solutions

    embraces a flexible Human Resources management system. This benefits improves your Administration and Payroll

    processing functionalities along with a Workforce Portal, Powerful Reporting and Business Intelligence Tools

    embedded in our application.

    FACTS Computer Software House in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) offers our FactsSHARP Payroll software giving

    employers and payroll service providers a powerful productivity tool boosting payroll solutions. FACTS HRMS

    (Human Resource & Payroll Management software) an Ultimate Payroll Software Solution is a complete and

    comprehensive payroll software package for small, mid-sized and large businesses. And this maximizes payroll

    processing efficiency, productivity and enhance indirect profits by reducing unwanted overhead costs. Therefore,

    our Payroll Solutions have been designed to generate, document and manage Employee Details and payroll

    processes of any scale. Our FactsSHARP HR & Payroll Software is beneficial to the CEO, HR Executives, CIO/IT

    department, CFO, Finance Manager, CHRO / Human Resources Department.

    FactsSHARP is the only Software Application that unifies HR, Payroll, and Talent Management into a single system-

    of-record. And with embedded analytics manager and employee self-service gives a user experience unlike any

    other enterprise application in Dubai (UAE). FactsSHARP redefines what it means to manage a global, mobile and

    diverse workforce.
  • High-level features of our FactsSHARP HR & Payroll Software

    Human Resource Management Activity

    Designed to help you organize, staff, and pay your GCC workforce, FactsSHARPs features are modern, intuitive

    with self-service capabilities. Now, both users and administrators can quickly get the information that they need

    to do their jobs efficiently. FACTS is the finest HR Software & Payroll Software company in Dubai.

    Talent Sourcing & Management

    Achieving your goals and objectives depends on the quality of people in your organization. With its powerful

    capabilities, FactsSHARP gives you the tools to improve how you manage, develop, align, and reward your

    employees which makes us the effective Payroll software in Dubai.

    Well-organized Recruitment Events

    FactsSHARP Recruitment module will be an end-to-end talent acquisition module to help organizations to find,

    share, engage, and select/promote the best internal and external candidates.

    Answers to Payroll & Compensation Requirements

    Designed to address the full spectrum of enterprise payroll needs, workday allocation, Deductions, etc. giving you

    the flexibility and control to pay your entire workforce, no matter where they are located in GCC.