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    Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd


    582, 3rd Floor, Sunny Pride Building, Deccan Gymkhana

    PUNE - 411 004, PH.NO. 02065203030, 8237027927 URL:

  • E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

    2 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

    INFORT-Quota/Ref/IND-A113 Date: August 18, 2013

    Hello Sir,

    As per our recent discussion and our understandings we are sending you this pre contract proposal

    which is detailed as follows.

    Infort Technology is pleased to submit a proposal for the development of your website.

    The terms of this proposal are valid until August 18, 2013


    The purpose of this website is to build up online E-Commerce Website which is 80% inspired from any shopping website but not the similar or cloning of the website

    Project Name: E-Commerce Website

    Website theme: A shopping cart with n category level. Users can come and buy products. They can also

    register themselves and become a member of the website. Membership will be free and any one can join

    and become a member of the website.

    Shipping charges will be specified against each product.

    User need not be a member of website to purchase a product. User can use Quick Checkout facility for

    the same


    Details of sections follow

  • E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

    3 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

    Section: Products and Category Structure

    Site will support an n-level category structure; that means main category, subcategory and products in a

    main category or any subcategory. Users can browse products through category navigation or by

    performing a search.

    Clicking upon category will display the list of subcategories in that category. Clicking upon the subcategory

    will display the list of products or subcategories corresponding to that category.

    Product listing page will display the following information:

    Product name

    Thumbnail Image

    Brief Description


    Discounted Price (if any)

    Product listing will also include the following links:

    View Details

    Add to Cart

    Product details page will display the following information:


    Product Big Image


    Price and Offer Price

    Shipping charges

    Products in different categories will have different parameters. These parameters

    and values will be entirely dynamic and will be specified by admin.

    Product details page will provide a link to add product to users shopping basket.

    Section: Product Search

    Users can use basic search or advanced search to view products as per their requirements. Basic search

    will help user search for the keyword in:

    Product name and Description (keyword)

  • E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

    4 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

    Advanced Search will allow users to search on products as per their custom requirements. Search fields

    will be specified by admin for a category.

    Users will search with these criteria and get results accordingly.

    Section: Shopping Cart

    Users add products of their interest to shopping cart before actually purchasing them. Once they are done,

    they can checkout to place their order. Shopping cart allows users to:

    Add unlimited products

    Manage quantity of individual product in the cart

    Remove items from the cart

    Empty cart

    Confirm their order by checking out

    Shopping cart is made easily accessible by placing them on all pages.

    Users can also use discount coupons to avail discounts on their shopping. They will

    provide the coupon code and will get the discounts accordingly. One coupon code

    can be used only once.

    Section: Member Registration

    Users can register themselves by filling up the below form:

    Title Drop down First Name Text field Last Name Text field Billing Address Street Address Text area City Text field State Text field Country Drop down Zip Code Text field

  • E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

    5 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

    Shipping Address Street Address Text area City Text field State Text field Country India (fixed drop down. Other countries will be

    added later on clients request.) Zip Code Text field Email Text field Password Text field Confirm Password Text field

    After user register, a verification link will be sent on his email id. Once user clicks on that link, his

    membership will be activated.

    Section: Members Account

    Members Account has the following links:

    Edit Account

    Change Password

    Order History


    i) Edit Account will allow user to update the details entered by the user at the time of his

    registration. He will not be able to edit the email id.

    Email id will be treated as his unique login id.

    ii) Change Password will allow user to update his login password.

    iii) Order history will display the list of orders placed by the user. Users can view order details

    and can take print outs of invoices.

    iv) Logout will close the current working session of the user. In order to re-access the members

    account, user needs to login again.

  • E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

    6 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

    Section: Order Process

    Users will checkout from their cart to place their order. Users will be asked to login in order to proceed


    There will be a quick checkout facility for users who want to place their orders but

    dont want to become member of the website. They will place their order and they

    are done. Order email will sent to their email ids, but they wont have account like

    other members.

    Quick Checkout will ask users for their details (similar to normal registration

    except login details).

    After login, they will be asked to confirm their details. These details include their shipping and billing


    Once confirmed, they will get the invoice of their order along with link to pay for it. Payment option will

    depend upon the integrated payment mode. Website owner will have to arrange for payment gateway

    and we will be integrating the same.

    Users can track these orders in his order history section.

    Section: Banners

    Banners will be displayed on all pages of the website including home page, inside pages and product


    Banners can be displayed on right hand side and bottom of home page, right hand side and bottom of

    inside pages and right hand side and bottom of product details page.

    Product listing page will show horizontal banners after every 15 products get listed. This page will also

    show banners on the right hand side of the page.

    Section: Advertise with us

    Users can come and place their advertisements on the website. Users will have to fill in these basic details

    in order to advertise on the website.

    Your name

    Organization name

  • E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

    7 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

    Contact Email


    Description of Services you offer


    Where do you want to place your advertisement?

    CAPTCHA verification

    This request will be forwarded to admin and admin can respond to the client for any offline settlement of

    price. Depending upon their agreement, admin can upload their banner for required pages and at required


    Section: Miscellaneous

    Users can also subscribe for newsletters to get regularly updated. Users can view FAQs and other static

    pages (About us & Contact us). Users can also find answers to their questions in FAQs (as added by website


    Site will also have a feedback form where users can post their comments and views and send it to website


    Sitemap will be provided to present website navigation in a nutshell. User can go to every section from

    that link.

    Users can also subscribe for newsletters in order to get regular updates.

    Administrative Console

    Section: Manage Products

    This section will allow admin to manage products and categories on the website. Admin can add

    categories, subcategories and products. Admin can manage them by adding, updating, control display

    status (active/Inactive) and deleting them.

    At the time of adding a category or subcategory, admin will specify,

  • E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

    8 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

    Category name

    Category Image

    Category description

    In case of subcategory, admin will also have to select the parent category.

    Admin can order categories as per his requirements. A category can only have subcategories or products

    inside it.

    Admin can also specify shipping charges in up to 3 quantity ranges. Same will be applied to users cart at

    the time of shopping.

    We will add maximum predefined number of fields for products. Admin can select among these

    fields for every category and can also set search field among them.

    Admin can also highlight products as hot products and new arrivals.

    Section: Manage Members

    This section will allow admin to manage members of the website. Admin can view member details and