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  • Dylan Casas, 14Grand Center Arts Academy

  • Background:

    I was born in florida(-4), moved to Illinois(5-11), Saint Louis(12-14), and New jersey (14-Present)

  • Hobbies & Interests:

    Music(vocals, saxophone, piano, bass guitar),Psychology, Genetics, Physics, and Theatre.

  • Who do I live with:

    Mother, Father, and Sister

  • My Favorite things:

    Musical: Sweeney Todd by Harold PrinceFood: SushiSong: Mr Blue Sky by ELOBook: Butter by Erin Jade Lange

  • Most Admired Family Member:My Father. My Dad was born in cuba and his family was banished when he was 10 and he move to america, then moved to Puerto Rico. He left his family at age 16 in order to pursue music. My Dad is currently the bassist for the latin american group The Miami Sound Machine and now that group has a Broadway show and is the reason we moved to New Jersey.

  • Most Admired Celebrity:

    Connie Talbot. Connie talbot is an english vocalist who, at the age of 6, placed 2nd in her category on Britain's Got Talent. She is simply a fantastic vocalist and her story is fascinating.

  • College Of Choice:Stanford would be my prefered college, because of it having a consistently high ranking Psychology course.

  • Career Choice:Either a Neuropsychologist or social Psychologist. Neuropsychologist analyze people's behaviour in order to find out what is wrong with that person's brain(mental/physical trauma, manic depression etc). A Social Psychologist study human interaction and behavioural patterns of one or more individuals in order to see how they function in a social environment

  • Three Goals:

    1. Increase my knowledge of Psychology2. Exercise more3. Become less pessimistic

  • 1. I will learn everything I can to the best of my ability

    2. I will Be a straight A student

    3. I will participate

    What I Will Do What I Wont Do1. I will not behave

    poorly in class2. I will not

    procrastinate3. I will not neglect my

    responsibilities as a peer to everyone in the 9th grade.