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    ContentPage 1- A New

    Look at Education- a detailed look into whats expected to come

    Page 2- The Japanese Victorious

    Page 3- Editorial/

    Page 4- Interview Today- Women Rights

    Page 5-Map,

    The Meiji Tribune A New Look at Education

    Our Emperor Meiji has just recently created the Rescript of Education. A copy of this will be distributed to all schools in the coming weeks and on every special day for any occasion, it will be read aloud. It is planned that this artifact the Emperor has bestowed upon us will be the foundation of our very philosophical teachings for education with young students. An excerpt has been presented for the public to see. It goes as so-Ye, our subjects, be filial to your parents, aectionate to your brothers and sisters as husbands and wives be harmonious, as friends true ... pursue learning and cultivate arts, and thereby develop your intellectual faculties and pefrect your moral powers ... always respect the Constitution and observe the laws.This excerpt shows the people of Japan how this new Rescript for Education will attempt to modernize us and show the rest of the world we are on par with them.

    (See page 5 for map)

    The Rescript of Education will be the turn of the century event for Japan, it will truly be a spectacle to behold.

    -Ocial Uchiha

    The Russians lose, continued on next page.

    By: Itachi Uchiha


    PAGE 2

    The Japanese Victorious

    Japan had gotten engaged in a war with Russia, and has come out on top. Japan had wanted to take Korea, and was constantly stopped. However, a bold move was made, and we found ourselves in a war with the Russians. The Russians were a vast in number and their land was the largest in the world. But we overpowered and got over control and put a stop to whatever plans they had. It started out at the Battle of the Yalu River, this fight was important because whoever won this war won control of Korea. General Nogi, a high ranking ocial later that and showing Japan was still full of power, laid siege on Port Arthur and captured it. It was a 5-month long seige and the gruelling campaign won them one of the most fortified ports in the world.

    The Japanese, were doing pretty well. Navy troops were sent out to go fight Russian fleets and destroy them. This battle was called the Battle of Tsu-shima. Even the city of Mukden was taken down by the Japanese. However,the Russians were saved by the United States, who put the Treaty of Portsmouth into play to put a stop to the Japanese beating down the Russians. The Treaty included-Russia recognize Japans interest in KoreaJapan gets half of island SakhalinLiaotung was given to Japan

    We would have crushed those Russians, had not those Western Americans intervened, the Russians just got lucky this time

    -Anonymous Soldier


    PAGE 3

    Editorial Section

    Back in 1889, so many of us hoped that the new constitution would give us a little more rights, loosen our binds a little, but it was not to be. Then soon, brothels were founded in the Meiji government. And poor girlswere sold o for prostitution if their parents were too poor. Then the girls would be sold of to prostitution in either Japan, Singapore, or some other horrible place. It was scary too. We would be sold o to zeegen and called as karayuki-san. (contd. on Page 4)

    Editorial by: Haruno SakuraI think that using us women as part of the flesh trade is very, very wrong. The least the government could have done was at least improve our social status. Its of extreme unfairness. In families, we listen to the husband. And if they die, we listen to our own sons! In political standings, we have nothing, and we cant even voice our opinions or make speeches. Some man even made the following observation about us-At home she has no personal property, outside the house she has no status. The house she lives in belongs to male members of the household, and the children she rears belong to her husband. She has no property, no rights, and no children. It is as if she is a parasite in a male household

    An excerpt of a comic of the Russo-Japanese War. The artist refuses to release the full version in fear of the Emperor. In this picture, the Russian soldier is seen in the back while the Japanese soldier, is visibly being killed.

    Drawn by: Anonymous


    PAGE 4

    Interview with Haruno SakuraInterviewer: Hello Haruno Sakura.

    Sakura: Hi there, thanks for taking time to interview me.

    Interviewer: Its no problem *shues notes*, so what do you think the status is with women these days?

    Sakura: Status? *scos* There isnt really any status with women these days.

    Interviewer: Why do you think this?

    Sakura: You can obviously see how women have no rights, in their household, and even with the children they bear through their own pain. *folds arms*

    Interview: I know what you mean. But dont you think it could be a lot worse? I mean your not getting directly hurt or anything.

    Sakura: Of course it could be a lot worse, but is that a defense people will use if they disagree with the statement women are treated extremely unequally?

    Interviewer: Of course not, but I mean its not good to take things into an exaggeration.

    Sakura: I dont think Im really exaggerating at all. Little girls are dragged o to be sold as prostitutes. You think thats a regular level?

    Interviewer: *shifts uncomfortably* Well of course not, but sti-

    Sakura: What do you think could be worse, anything more inhumane than that yet fits with this situation isnt possible

    Interviwer: Well I see what you mean then. Thanks for cooperating and taking the time to answer questions.

    Sakura: Your welcome.

    This interview was mailed to the Meiji Tribune by an anonymous interviewer.

    Suspect anybody illegally harboring and selling concubines? Pleasereport to the government directly immediately. Thank you.

    -Meiji Government

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