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Digital Acceleration Services

Digital Marketing ServicesBy Avaneendra, Vibes Communications

How do I get attention in the world of BIG data



Client BriefKey objectives of the campaign would be Brand BuildingLead Generation

Does online fit with your overall strategy objectives?Your offline strategyYour short-term and long-term strategy

Digital marketing strategy objectives

Online you can measure KPIs at each stage!Search Engine OptimizationPay Per Click AdvertisingOnline advertisingOnline PRLead generationSocial MediaLanding page optimizationMobile acquisition touch pointsCapturing data at the show-home, event or influence through the bankContent marketingMobile marketingLead generation techniquesWebsite design personas

Content marketingEmail newslettersMobile MarketingCustomer Service and SupportSocial Media

What can Vibes Digital offer

Organic is fiercely competitive place to play

A good organic search strategy should: Involve good on-page SEO so search engines can find you Include a blog that is updated often with insights pertinent to your industry (in order to increase inbound links and the number of pages crawled by search engines) Utilize site links and micro-sites to win more on SERPs

A better strategy will use paid to complement organic to ensure coverage on the SERP and to improve opportunities for clicks.

When it comes to paid you want to be on top

Being first matters too

Sample SEO Plan


On Page SEO ActivitiesOff Page SEO ActivitiesKeywords Identification & SEO Plan Execution

Sample Google PlanProposal:Client NameContactProposal SummaryTotal CostEst. ImpressionsReserved ImpressionsEst. ClicksEst. ViewseCPMRs.1,00,00038,37,810--19,536--Rs.26.06CHD DevelopersLocationsIndiaLanguagesEnglishSearch30-day CostEst. 30-day ImpressionsEst. 30-day ClicksEst. CPCEst. CTRKeyword TargetingRs.50,0001,20,0001,237Rs.40.421.03%GDN30-day CostEst. 30-day ImpressionsEst. 30-day ClicksEst. CPCEst. CTRPlacement TargetingRs.30,00016,60,2208,026Rs.3.740.48%Topic TargetingRs.20,00020,57,59010,272Rs.1.950.50%Total CostEst. ImpressionsEst. ClicksRs.1,00,00038,37,81019,536NOTICE: All non-reserve values quoted are estimates and do not guarantee future performance. Proposed auction inventory is subject to change due to market conditions.


Be Social

Sample Social Plan


7 Point Program to drive Marketing Plan1. Website Analysis2. Microsite Development3. Search Engine Optimization4. Pay Per Click(Google Ads)5. Social Media Engagement6. Emailer Program7. Affiliate ProgramSTEPS7 POINT VIBES STRATEGY

Sample Digital PlanDigital Operations Category & TacticPrimary Job(s) of TacticExecution StrategyIntended OutcomeResponsibilityCost per monthOrganicClient MicrositeAcquisition, Retention & Brand BuildingHTML Responsive MicrositeUser engagement through Digital & ATL ExercisesVibesINR 25K(One time)Email(Current Customers, Partners, Employees, New Prospects)Acquisition, Retention & Brand BuildingHTML MailerRetain current customers through engagementVibesINR 10K/HTML MailerSocial(New & Current Customers, Employees, Partners)Acquisition, Retention & Brand BuildingSocial Campaign(On all leading platforms)Reach targeted AudienceVibesINR 40K+Taxes/MonthSearch(SEO)AcquisitionSearch Engine OptimizationPull effectVibesINR 1.5K/Keyword/MonthInorganicGoogle Ads(Search)Promotion, AcquisitionPaid AdsImpressions & ClicksVibesAs per budget. Vibes would charge 20% for Ad optimization & management.Google Ads(Display)Promotion, AcquisitionPaid AdsImpressions & ClicksVibesAs per budget. Vibes would charge 20% for Ad optimization & management.FB, Linkedin & Twitter AdsPromotion, AcquisitionPaid AdsAds would be focused towards microsite. VibesAs per budget. Vibes would charge 20% for Ad optimization & management.

Affiliate MarketingPromotion, AcquisitionAffiliate campaign on partnered websitesReach targeted Audience through affiliate portalsVibesAs per budget. Vibes would charge 20% for Affiliate management.

Creative & Content ServicesCreative Services: Covers FB Creatives, Google CreativesVibes can deliver 3-5 Creatives a dayEstimate can be provided post we get the exact requirementsContent Services: Covers Copy, Blog etc.Vibes can deliver 15-20 Ad copies a dayVibes can deliver 1 Blog every 3 daysEstimate can be provided post we get the exact requirements

Detailing out-Website DevelopmentWebsite ModelType A-Static Website from Themeforest Theme5-7 pages websiteHomepage, About Us, Products, Services, Picture Gallery, Clients, Contact UsCost can be shared on requestType B-Dynamic & responsive Website10-12 pages websiteAll of the above pagesAdmin ControlCost can be shared on requestType C-Dynamic Group Website or Complex Website15-20 pages websiteAll of the above pagesAdmin controlCost can be shared on request

Detailing out-SEOOn Page ActivitiesKeywords ResearchMeta Tags OptimizationSitemap CreationXML Sitemap CreationW3C ValidationGoogle Analytics SetupImage OptimizationRobots.txt optimizationRSS feed generation & submissionHyperlink OptimizationOff Page ActivitiesBack linking Competitor AnalysisPage Rank CreationPage Rank submissionWeb 2.0 articles creation & submissionLocal listing optimizationDirectory submissionArticle SubmissionSocial BookmarkingGoogle Maps

Platform related Sample Social PlanPlatformContent StrategySharing FrequencyFBNews, success stories, Events, Trends etc.Once a dayTwitterNews, success stories, Events, Trends etc.Once a dayLinkedInBusiness PostingTwice a weekYoutubeVideo capsulesOnce a fortnightInstagramImages sharingOnce a dayBlogBest of content shared. SEO enriching content1 Blog every weekGoogle PlusNews, success stories, Events, Trends etc. SEO enriching content.Once a day

Social Media Marketing Using FacebookSide banner showing the company details such as what we are, what we do, contact us etc. We can include our new product details - banner We can publish notes and create groups.We can put like box in out site.We can create page for products, organization, celebrity etc.We can upload photos, post links that direct to our site/blog.We can create events like recent activities, upcoming events etc.Create advertisements about the new & existing & upcoming products (adds are paid based on click & rate /day).View insight menu consist of daily, monthly, weekly user details, page views, unique page view etc.We can create multiple admin for a page.We can apply theme for the fan pages based on product introduction, product description etc.We can send links, products details to the members, groups for getting opinion , reviews etc.

Social Media Marketing Using FacebookWe can send offers, promotional codes, discounts coupon to the members, groups etc.Facebook allows to send messages to users you have no connection with we can make use of it.Facebook provides classified add services.We can make friends from our competitors. We have to send request to many friends (through competitors or through search ). Try to implement cross selling in website/product page (comparisons of products).We need to add personal touch in marketing for it to work. Customize our communication in order to stand out.Highlight our brand we cannot make any compromise in quality and Brand establishment.

By using the above techniques we can achieve a huge traffic and sales

Social Media Marketing Using TwitterFocus on Brand promotions & microblogging (140 characters)Build strong & powerful relation ship with prospective customersAttractive bio increases popularity .Educate them with our new product their uses, advantages etc. and create an awareness and necessity Filling up the page with quick technique & tips.Use & to find more users.We can easily gain followers by following the active members in twitter.We will get followers by following the followers of experts, gurus or of our competitors in twitter.When we follow 100 members we will get atleast 70 followers.For getting the followers we have to follow many in a consecutive manner.We can post a product, link etc. and ask for opinion and reviews.We can use affiliate marketing & micro blogging.Create banner about products, organizations etc.We can post promotional codes for products such as discount coupon, buy 3 get 1 etc.

Social Media Marketing Using TwitterBuild a personal relation ship with the followers & create a trustworthiness among them.Upload genuine photo, company logo or product logo.Try to be human and give respect the values.Dont take the customer directly to the product page. Give them details description before taking them to the product page.The followers want something from us so we always want to sell some thing more than they expect.Try to implement cross selling in website (pack include coke when we buy pizza ).We need to add personal touch in marketing for it to work. Customize our communication in order to stand out.Highlight our brand we cannot make any compromise in quality and Brand establishment

By following the above techniques we can achieve a good traffic and sales using twitter

Social Media Marketing Using LinkedInWe can create group and make others to follow us We can request for the opinion and suggestion.We can expose our skill set.We can follow the companies and make other to follows usWe can create a professional network ask for opinion and reviews etc.Increase your visibility. Improve your connect ability. Improve your Google Page Rank. Enhance your search engine results. Perform blind, reverse, and company reference checks. Increase the relevancy of your job search. Make your interview go smo