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We are Digital Marketing Agency catering needs of SEO / SMO / SEM / SMM / E-Mail campaigns with customized solution to help clients in achieving their target.


<ul><li><p>ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Whats included: 1. Definition of ORM 2. Understanding of ORM 3. Defining ORM Process </p><p>Whats in it for you: 1. Learning the basics of ORM 2. Able to prioritize &amp; optimize workforce 3. Effectively use them to build &amp; retain </p><p>brand reputation </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p><p>ORM deals with everything about your companys brand in the online community. This community includes the entire web search engines, forums, blogs, news sites, social networking sites, etc. </p><p>Definition: </p><p>In the future the internet will be filled with what others say about </p><p>our products/ services. </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p><p>Online Reputation Management is first being mindful of your companys online brand then building on that brand in the search engines (chances are this is where you are sought for the most) through social media and other websites that produce and disseminate content. </p><p>Understanding of ORM: </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Importance for an Individual </p><p>A few bad comments online can devastate a career. </p><p>They can affect his or her ability to be hired, to close deals or to </p><p>move up in an organization. </p><p>For an Executive </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Importance for an Organization </p><p> How much you can sell. </p><p> The caliber of employee you can recruit. </p><p> The number of investors you can attract. </p><p> For many organizations a few bad comments that come </p><p> up high in the search rankings can be devastating. </p><p> This bad publicity can have an impact on sales, recruiting, </p><p> and morale. </p><p>Companies Reputation will Soon Dictate by: </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Process of ORM: </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Monitoring - Being mindful Develop a listening Process. This must include multiple methods for listening to what people might be saying about you online. </p><p>Include the use of multiple tools and alerts such as: </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Google alerts </p><p>Yotify </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Preventing - Building on that brand </p><p>Online Reputation Management extends to these factors connected to you: </p><p>Your Name </p><p>Company </p><p>Brand(s) </p><p>Product(s) </p><p>High profile employees </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Preventing - Building on that brand </p><p>Building your brand can start from getting all of your brands social media usernames. You can find it out using: </p><p>As soon as you know on which social media sites your brand is still available as a username, grab the opportunity to register it there. </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Some of the key social media accounts you SHOULD get are: </p><p>Facebook profile / page </p><p>Twitter </p><p>Google+ Account / page </p><p>Quora </p><p>LinkedIn </p><p>Another great way to prevent bad reputation web pages from ranking as your </p><p>brand is to create and maintain a blog. SEARCH ENGINES LOVE BLOGS. </p><p>Preventing - Building on that brand </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Cleaning - Fixing any damaging content to your brand </p><p>Once the damage is done and you dont have any ammo to fire back, heres what you need to immediately do: </p><p>Contact the owner of the bad reputation site and ask to put it down. </p><p>If it is against the law, contact any possibly concerned government body and </p><p>ask them for help to bring it down. </p><p>Ask Google to de-index it if there are any elements in the page against </p><p>Googles guidelines. </p><p> Tips for Keeps: If you have not already taken your brand name as your </p><p>username in all the powerful social networking sites, do it. NOW! </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Online Reputation Management </p></li><li><p> | </p><p>Say Hello, to us </p><p>Address: </p><p>Vasa Bittarget Pvt. Ltd. </p><p>A-88, 3rd Floor, </p><p>Sector-4, Noida </p><p> 0120-455-4043 | +1 (980)-224-4583 </p><p> </p></li></ul>