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Demantra 7.3 is out. Here is the list of what has been included. check out my profile at AsiaLinks


  • 1. Whats new in Demantra 7.3
    A closer look
    A compilation by Amit Sharma

2. Summary
3. Internationalization
Only 1 language is allowed per instance
4. Worksheet Enhancements-1
Users will be able to display series in the rows. Which will make it similar to excel pivot table
5. Worksheet Enchancements-2
6. Worksheet enhancements 3
7. Worksheet Enhancement - Notes
8. New Product Introduction
9. CTO Feature
10. Hyperion Integration
Integration of Hyperion Planning budgeting data with Demantra Real-Time Sales and Operations Planning.
11. Other
Improvements !!
12. Password Security Enhancements
13. Password Enhancement :cont
14. Greet users by Full Name
15. Workflow Calls another workflow
16. Workflow enhancement cont
17. Architectural Improvements
18. Supported Technology Stacks
19. General Performance Improvement
20. Frequently Asked Questions
21. Q: Does it have support forrounding the demand quantities?
A: No. Demantra 7.3.0 doesnt support rounding the demand quantities
22. Q: Does it support SQL server?
A: No. Demantra 7.3.0 doesnt support SQL server
23. Q: Is running engine using workflow (without any customization) supported?
A: Yes it has been supported however there were issues, which have been fixed
24. Q: Will Demantra 7.3.0 support multiple Rolling profiles?
A: No. This feature might come in future releases. However Demantra 7.3.0 will continue to have multiple engine profiles
25. Q:Is there any better support for exception filters?
A: No.
26. Thanks!!