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Crown-of-thorn Starfish. By: Amanda Barmore. Acanthaster planci. Phylum: Echinodermata Calcitic skeleton Water vascular system Mutable collagenous tissue Pentaradial body organization Class: Asteroidea True starfish Movement with tube feet Predators. Distribution. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Acanthaster planciPhylum: EchinodermataCalcitic skeletonWater vascular systemMutable collagenous tissuePentaradial body organizationClass: AsteroideaTrue starfishMovement with tube feetPredators

  • Distribution

  • Crown of Thorn StarfishAppearance- 25-35cm, max 80cm

    - 12-19 arms

    - multicolored - GBR: reddish grey with red-tipped spines

  • BehaviorHabitatCoral Reefs

    MovementTube feet

    FeedingDigestive enzymes

  • Life CycleFertilizationEmbryo develops into larvae; feeds on plankton

    Planktonic stagesAt the mercy of the oceanGastrula Bipinnaria BrachiolariaPrimordium sack like structure

  • Life CycleSettlementDay 2: Juvenile starfishMonth 6: about 1 cm and feeding on coralYear 2: 20 cm and sexually matureYear 3-4: Senile, low growth and reproduction

  • OutbreaksNatural HypothesisAgricultural runoff creating algal blooms

    Man interference Removal of starfish predators

  • OutbreaksTypePrimarySecondary

    Duration1- 4 YearsGBR 15 Years

  • GBR Outbreaks

  • Healthy Habitats

  • The EvilReef Destruction5-6 km yearly86% of GBR

    HumansPoisonous spines

  • Destroyed Habitats

  • Containment ProblemsGamete production65 million eggs

    Larval sizeAntibodies to track

    Reef sizeNeedle in a hay stack

  • Reef ProtectorsRed Spotted Trapeze CrabGiant TritonHawaiian Lined FirewormDivers

  • Red spotted trapeze crab

  • Giant Triton

  • Hawaiian Lined Fireworm

  • DiversCuttingNot practiced

    InjectionsCopper sulfate


  • KnowledgeImprecise Science1960s



  • Research

  • Pictures

  • ReferencesGoogle ImagesCrown of thorn starfish Q&A, Applications Textbook


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