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Some things you wanted to know about crowdsourcing but were afraid to ask.


  • 1.1.0 - Crowdsourcing 2.0 - Why Crowdsource? 3.0 - Four Categories 4.0 - Creation 5.0 - Invention 6.0 - Organization 7.0 - Prediction 8.0 - How We Work 9.0 - About Us 10.0 - Senior Team Crowdsourcing 101Can you Digg it? CONFIDENTIAL2008SocialIntent,LLC

2. Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing is the process of creating something new of value by tapping into groupsof people with desired characteristics CONFIDENTIAL2008SocialIntent,LLC1 3. Why companies should Crowdsource? Gain hard-to-obtain information without a lot of investment, e.g. Why Crowdsource Utilize your customers/visitors in developing new content and product ideas Creates a sense of ownership of your product/service among your stakeholders Crowdsourcing apps are new, sticky and engaging services in and of themselves Submitting content and ideas Rating others ideas CONFIDENTIAL2008SocialIntent,LLC 2 4. Crowdsourcing applications can be broken down in to four categories: Four Categories 1.Creation 2.Invention 3.Organization 4.Prediction CONFIDENTIAL2008SocialIntent,LLC 3 5. Creation Create new content that is owned and maintained byyour readers (writing a book like a wiki) (peer created and reviewed reference) Creation Google Knol (peer created and reviewed articles) Authonomy (soliciting book manuscripts, users vote) Generate new content by soliciting the masses Mechanical Turk (divide a task into thousands of subtasks) Helium, iStockphoto (stock content for publishing orphotography) Crowdspring (ask many designers to offer design suggestions)CONFIDENTIAL2008SocialIntent,LLC 4 6. Invention Source ideas and have the community rank them (Suggest the US presidents agenda) (Asus and Intel community product development) Ideastorm (Dell community product development) Invention Innocentive (Procter & Gamble community product development) My Starbucks Idea (Customer offering product ideas) CONFIDENTIAL2008SocialIntent,LLC 5 7. Organization Create new content by making users organize existingcontent Digg, reddit, yahoo buzz (vote on articles/news) Organization Stumbleupon (vote on articles sites)CONFIDENTIAL2008SocialIntent,LLC 6 8. Prediction Predict trends by inviting users to submit and vote onideas (users bet on media trends, such a TVviewership, books that are likely to sell well) Prediction Rasmussen Markets (Predicts political outcome)CONFIDENTIAL2008SocialIntent,LLC 7 9. How we build the right Business ModelCrowdsourcing application Organizational Facts for you: Core Offering & Customers Sales & Business Model Environmental Factors How We WorkBusiness Model Marketing Status Strategic Goals Brand Promise Competitive Landscape Existing & Previous Efforts Discovery Project MarkeIng Project ResourcesResources Goals Budget & Personnel Allocations Materials & Content Design & Branding Requirements Technical & Functional Requirements CONFIDENTIAL2008SocialIntent,LLC8 10. At Social Intent we help companies meet their organizational goals by turning their customers into assets This is achieved by developing online social About Us experiences that are rewarding to both parties We help companies identify the right opportunities and customize and implement social software solutions that meet their business needs CONFIDENTIAL2008SocialIntent,LLC 9 11. Vidar Brekke, CEO Past positions: Strategist at Ogilvy, VP Marketing at JPMorgan, VP Marketing Linkstorm, Strategist/ Creative Director Kurani Interactive. Clients: Coca-Cola, IBM, Vonage, Cisco, General Motors, American Express, Wal-Mart, E*Trade Senior TeamVineel Shah, CTO Past positions: Senior Technical Yahoo at HotJobs, Manager of Software Development at MTV Online, Software Developer/architect at iVillage, Citibank, ProgrammableWeb. 30 Christopher St. Suite 4C. New York, NY 10011 (646) 465-2965 CONFIDENTIAL2008SocialIntent,LLC10 12. Ps. Did you find some great articles or sites about crowdsourcing?Add it to our crowdsourcing experiment here: CONFIDENTIAL2008SocialIntent,LLC 11


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