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This presentation is from the class I taught at John F. Kennedy University, July 2009, HHE 5615 Creating an Authentic Online Presence. It is about getting clear about your message and sharing it through social media. Geared towards holistic studies students.


  • 2. Its all about relationship Trust Integrity Transparency Adding value Creative collaboration
  • 3. My Intention & Vision T help you clarify your message & give o you the tools to succinctly share it so you make a positive, widespread impact on the world. People, of all ages and cultures, being empowered leaders in their community.
  • 4. Goals of the class Give you coaching techniques to draw out what youre passionate about & help you frame how you share that with others. Understand social media: What it is, why its important, why your voice matters, & how to engage with it.
  • 5. Why I love social media Gives you a voice Helps you get connected Increases your ability to create widespread change Changes the paradigm from a top down to a bottom up approach
  • 6. Why Im passionate about teaching this class You have a unique point of view, youre already in the new paradigm game Lots of change happening right now, your voice is needed Were all leaders, healers, and educators
  • 7. What lights you up? What are you passionate about? What conversations do you keep returning to? What do you look forward to sharing with others?
  • 8. Your Message What you care about Your vision, values, and interests Stories & how theyve changed you Healing experiences and what youve learned What you want to educate, inspire, & inform about
  • 9. How does social media t in? Its the platform to spread the message. When you use this medium, you multiply the impact. This is done via blogs, personal & business websites, online communities & groups, social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, & bookmarking w/StumbleUpon, Delicious, and more. It connects, empowers, heals, creates change, and helps us collaborate in new, diverse ways.
  • 10. Why is this important? Never before in history, have we had the opportunity to disseminate information, share ourselves, and give voice to those who didnt have one. Its faster and wider reaching than the news. No longer a top down approach. Its a groundswell from the bottom up. We are changing the paradigm of who holds the power. Thats huge!
  • 11. Why your voice is important You matter. You make a difference. You have no idea how far your impact reaches. Its a way of contributing and being of service, even by sharing your experience. You dont need an angle, you just need to be genuinely you.
  • 12. Your Bio Get clear like a meditating superhero
  • 13. 3-4 sentences What you do What youre about The best of who you are Has a creative draw and/or is uniquely expressed
  • 14. The Path
  • 15. The 1st Steps - In order Step 1: Your authentic message. Clarify. Express. Promote. Step 2: Create a blog and/or website. Step 3: Set up basic proles on social networking and bookmarking sites. Step 4: Optimize your site w/social media. Link, share, promote, track.
  • 16. Next steps...any order Start newsletter. Create joint venture opportunities. Write articles, join groups, communities. Translate your message into services & products. Create a store. Have & be afliate. Rinse & repeat.
  • 17. Step 1: Your Authentic Message Clarify, Express, Promote
  • 18. * Clarify your message * Translate it into memorable soundbites Turn it into engaging questions Have it be a relateable story, your personal experience counts Feel, felt, found. Share successes of those you know, have heard of, or worked with.
  • 19. * Express your message * Blog posts & Videos comments Products (ebooks, Website courses, cd, dvd, clothing) Newsletter In joint ventures Articles On community forums Status updates & responses Teleseminars & webinars Podcasts
  • 20. * Promote your message * Twitter via tweets, Free events retweets, hashtags Free gift for list opt in Facebook fan page Any interaction on Stumble Upon social networking sites Friendfeed Linked In groups CTI community Wellsphere&Selfgrowth
  • 21. STEP 2: CREATE A BLOG &/OR WEBSITE Where: Blogger,Wordpress, Typepad, SquareSpace, 1&1, GoDaddy What: Combo of content and images. Static pages and current posts. Optimize: SEO, opt-in, social media, rss, widgets & badges, free & not options, blogroll & linklove Remember: Its all about relationship and value
  • 22. WEBSITE & BLOG BASICS Determine what you want theme to be, have that reected in the name, info, and images on site Pick domain name, purchase @GoDaddy, get coupon If you get a template service, dont need host. If use go with BlueHost Always include About, Contact, & FAQs page Create a list of topics for blog posts Post 1-4x/week, schedule, automate
  • 23. WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT Your interests, resources, links, quotes Reviews (books, movies, other sites, articles) Videos you nd on YouTube that you like (& why) Healing experiences and/or success stories Powerful conversations, turning points youve had Anything thats connected to your message Keep it positive, judgment free, unless its constructive
  • 24. Topics ...
  • 25. nutrition, food, living authentically, where to find organic food, stress management, exercise, how to find your myth, farmers markets, dreams and healing, what do losing teeth in dream mean, whats for dinner?, open to possibilities, nourishment, shopping on a budget, listen to your gut, breathing deeply, meaningful coincidences, finding your passion, synchronicity, why we hold our breath, food allergies, fun, how to remember dreams, who does allergy testing, how to pick a holistic health practitioner, bio-identical hormones, sex
  • 26. STEP 3: SET UP BASIC PROFILES Facebook Friend Feed Twitter You Tube Linked In Blog Talk Radio Self Growth Plaxo Stumble Upon Flickr Technorati Etsy Google Blogher
  • 27. ABOUT THESE TOOLS Facebook - An interactive yearbook. Set up fan page. Fill out prole box. Link to blog. Opt-in box. Twitter - Microblogging application. 140 characters per tweet/message. What you share here is same as on blog, just shorter. Linked In - More geared toward professional use. Join a group. Respond to questions to show expertise. Self Growth - Focus on personal development. Connects you directly to your market & peers.
  • 28. ABOUT THESE TOOLS Stumble Upon - Social bookmarking. Drives trafc to your site. Share blog posts. Points to what you like. Technorati - Way to search user generated content. Google - Lots use google apps, like calendar & docs. Good to have a prole here for search purposes. Friend Feed - Customized tracking of your interests. Way to promote, build expert status. YouTube - Keep track of your fave videos. Post yours.
  • 29. ABOUT THESE TOOLS Blog Talk Radio - Podcast. They do partial promotion. Can purchase on itunes, you earn money & exposure. Plaxo - Interactive address book, more like a prole. Flickr - Post photos. Another way to build brand. Etsy - Create your own store, sell products. Blogher - Where women blog. Knowem - List of popular social media sites.
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