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    Volume 37 Number 1 January 2014

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    N E W S L E T T E R O F L A K E W O O D Y A C H T C L U B

    Lakewood LogJANUARYWed Jan 1 Club closed

    Fri Jan 3 *Ladies Assoc. Board Mtg, 11:30 am

    Fri Jan 3 Member Mixer, 6:00 pm

    Fri Jan 3 *Red Dot Table, 7:30 pm

    Thurs Jan 9 *Book Club, 6:00 pm

    Sat Jan 11 *Seahorse Banquet, 6:30 pm

    Sun Jan 12 Mosquito Inoculation, 11:00 am

    Fri Jan 17 Ladies Installation Luncheon,

    11:30 am

    Sat Jan 25 *PC & Spouse Luncheon, 11:00 am

    Sat Jan 25 *Commodores Ball, 6:30 pm

    Sun Jan 26 Commodores Dock Party, 11:00 am

    FEBRUARYFri Feb 7 *Ladies Assoc Board Mtg, 11:30 am

    Fri Feb 7 Member Mixer, 6:00 pm

    Fri Feb 7 *Red Dot Table, 7:30 pm

    Thurs Feb 13 *Book Club, 6:00 pm

    Fri Feb 21 *Ladies Luncheon, 11:30 am

    Fri SunFeb 21 23 Cruisers to Pelican Rest Marina

    Fri Feb 28 *Family Style Mardi Gras, 6:00 pm

    Fri Feb 28 Heald Bank Skippers Meeting,7:30 pm

    * Reservations Required

    Page 1From the Helm

    Pages 2-3On The Water

    Pages 4-7On Land

    Pages 10-15Club Scene

    Page 7Scuttlebutt

    From the HelmHappy New Year! Lake-

    wood is truly a world class yachtclub. It's an honor to serve asyour Commodore for 2014. Sueand I are looking forward to agreat year. The first big event isthe Commodores Ball on Janu-ary 25th. We hope to see youall there.

    Before we go further, I wantto thank the Drechsels for allthey have done. We saw a num-ber of improvements last yearand the projects that are beingplanned for 2014 were identi-fied in Carls Strategic Planninginitiative last year. And, Sandyhas worked tirelessly behind thescenes in many different areas.Together they have been a veryproductive team to Lakewoodsbenefit.

    Looking forward, by thetime you read this we should beclosed on our new loan. Our Fi-nance Committee of Ash Walkerand Alan Hill did an incrediblejob negotiating a 4%, 10-yeardeal with very favorable terms.They deserve a lot of credit forhelping to keep Lakewood in astrong financial condition.

    You should see the projectsthat were discussed at the an-nual meeting begin to move for-ward. Contrary to a recentrumor, the dirt work in the green

    space is not for the foundationof a new clubhouse. The olddredge spoils are being movedto make room for some addi-tional dredging. We do antici-pate beginning the work torefurbish G dock in January. Thereconstruction of B shed shouldstart by the end of the month.This all is contingent upon get-ting the details of these projectsto the Board for final approval.Both General Manager TerryChapman and the PlanningCommittee are working hard tomake that happen. The intent isto get what we can completedbefore the Blessing at the end ofMarch.

    Those are some of the pri-orities of Management and theBoard. For everybody else, ourfirst priority should be to havefun with our friends. We have awonderful club that we need toenjoy. As you all know, we havea very diverse membership. Itruly hope that we can providesomething for everyone. The firstpart of the year looks busy al-ready. In January we have theSeahorse Banquet and the Com-modores Ball. In February, ourcruisers are going to PelicanRest in Galveston for MardiGras and Kim Bettis has a Fam-ily Mardi Gras Party planned as

    well. In March the racing seasonbegins with Bay Cup I, followedby the J-105 Mid Winters, andat the end of the month comesthe Blessing of the Fleet. TheSeahorses begin the TSA Regat-tas in February, but then they arebusy all of the time.

    This doesnt include theplans that Entertainment Co-Chairs Candace McCoin andFran Bass are making. Theyhave mentioned, among otherthings, rotating dock partieswhen the weather starts to warmup. Watch for details becausethese two know how to have aparty.

    Those are just a few of thehighlights of the first quarter, butyou begin to get the idea thatthis will indeed be a busy year.It should be a year that everyonewill enjoy. If you have any sug-gestions, just let us know.

    And one last thing, I amavailable to talk about Lake-wood any time. I want to hearyour thoughts. If you have some-thing on your mind, call me orbetter yet, email me at

    Tom CollierCommodore

  • 2On The Water

    LAKEWOOD LOG January 2014

    C R U I S E C O M M I T T E EThe difference between cruis-

    ing and yachting: cruising is for theenjoyment of the journey andyachting is for the enjoyment of thedestination. Thanks to Steve andMarisa Hegyesis leadership thepast two years, we are now in theenviable position of trying to com-bine the best of both worlds in2014.

    We have Mike Downs on-board with his Blueberry & Pecanpancakes that have already be-come a Lakewood tradition, Steveand Marisa only think they are re-tiring, Steve will continue leadingcruises and we will not lose theirsynergy. Austin Allen and DuaneGuidry will be leading the youngerLakewood members on a Cruisewith the Kids and we will havemore impromptu, dinner andovernight cruises to Houston YachtClub. The selection of Rodney Towfor beverage director was a given,you cant buy that kind of experi-ence.

    As you can see, this comingyear, we have a team of CruiseCommittee members throwing theirshoulder to the wheel in an effort to

    enhance your 2014 cruising expe-rience. The Cruise Committee mis-sion for 2014 will be to provide acasual destination experience thatwill exceed the normal marina ex-pectations.

    There are no requirements tojoin the Cruise Committee, otherthan membership at LYC. Simplysend an e-mail to with your name and e-mailaddress; this will ensure that you re-ceive the latest e-mailed cruisingcommunications. Also include yourcell phone number & boat name,length, manufacturer, power orsail, to be used for contact andidentification purposes in an emer-gency situation.

    The LYC Cruise Committee isdedicated to fostering seamanship,camaraderie, and friendshipamong the club members, with anactive interest in exploring theTexas coastal waters. We hope youwill join us.

    Randy AllenChair

    Thanks to Jim Winton for get-ting the planning well under wayfor the Emerald Coast Regatta, thesemi-annual eastbound offshorerace. As he moves on to Fleet Cap-tain, Ill take over as chair of thecommittee for 2014.

    Next years race will be fromGalveston to Pensacola over Me-morial Day weekend, with racesbeginning Friday afternoon, May23, 2014. In addition to Lake-wood, the race is co-sponsored bythe Pensacola Yacht Club andGalveston Bay Cruising Associa-tion.

    The motto for this race is Race,Stay and Play. Pensacola and thenearby coastline and bays ofFlorida and Alabama make abeautiful location for a sailing va-cation. Sail up and down the coastoffshore between inlets, or navi-gate the Intracoastal. Go West toMobile Bay, Biloxi and Gulfport.Or keep going East to PanamaCity, down the peninsula toTampa/St. Pete, or just keep sail-ing

    The early registration / racekickoff party at Lakewood takesplace Saturday, February 8. Therewill be a Safety & Navigation sem-inar on Saturday, March 29, andthe Skippers meeting will be a

    week before the start, on Friday,May 16. With boats starting onFriday and Saturday May 23 and24, were confident all boats willfinish by May 29. The Awards cer-emony and banquet will follow onFriday evening, May 30, at thebeautiful Pensacola Yacht Club onthe Western shore of PensacolaBay.

    Pensacola Yacht Club has in-vited Emerald Coast Regatta sailorsto join in the Cancer Cup Regattathe following Saturday, May 31,2014. This is a unique opportunityto have fun sailing while raisingfunds to fight cancer. You can lit-erally buy time: For every $10.00donated to the American CancerSociety, 3 points are added to yourPHRF handicap! The Notice ofRace and other information is avail-able on PYCs website.

    So mark your calendar nowand get your boat and crew readyto Race, Stay and Play.

    David ComeauxChair

    E M E R A L D C O A S T R E G A T T A

    SHIPS STOREJanuary White Sale!!!

    All Mens and WomensWHITE TOPS 10% OFF

    Including all WHITE shirts,vests, and jackets

    January 2 January 31

    Shop at the Ships Store whenever the LYC Office is open


    OFFICERS 2014 Commodore, Tom Collier

    Vice Commodore, Joyce MaxwellRear Commodore, Don Mitchell

    Fleet Captain, Jim Winton Secretary, Rex Bettis

    Assistant Secretary, Ed BrauerTreasurer, Ashley Walker

    Assistant Treasurer, Rodney TowImmediate Past Commodore, Carl Drechsel

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS John BarnettGene Harris

    Nancy McDonaldDon Mitchell

    Dwight BengtsonRex BettisPhil Elting

    Tom FrankumMichael Downs

    Al GoetheAlan Hill

    Sue Warters


    2425 NASA ParkwaySeabrook, TX 77586

    Telephone: 281.474.2511Fax: 281.474.3502 (Club)

    Fax: 281.291.0890 (Admin. Bldg.)Front Gate: 281.474.4876

    Harbor Office: 281.474.2540Internet:


    EDITOR Jan Smith

    CO-EDITORSRosebud Caradec

    Jane DownsPeggy Hill



    GRAPHIC DESIGNER Monique Saldana


    January 2014 LAKEWOOD LOG

    MOSQUITO INOCULATIONSunday, January 12th

    LYC Dining Room

    11 AM-Noon:Inoculation of Mosquitodore

    Mary MooreheadVice Mosquitodore

    Fran BassFlank MosquitodoreCandace McCoin

    Come join the fun and pay the exorbitantannual dues of $10 per person which includesBobbie Butler's world famous "Bloody Bites."