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  • Science Week 2014

  • Science Week 2014To kick start Science Week 2014 we created a Dale Home for the Future. Every child in

    school was given the opportunity to write their ideas for future home inventions on the walls

    of the house, take a peek at stage one...

  • Science Week 2014Each year group was given a room in the

    house to focus upon and Year 4 looked at the Garage and Transport for the Future.

    They worked in teams to design, build and race their ideas of future modes of transport...

  • Science Week 2014Some students were lucky enough to visit

    Derby City Academy and take part in science experiments in the school chemistry labs!

  • Science Week 2014At the end of Science Week parents were invited into school to have a look at what we had been

    learning about. There were lots of different experiments, activities and displays and pupils

    were on hand to show them around.

  • Science Week 2014Once parents had visited they were then

    given the opportunity to take part in their childs learning journey by helping with the

    Family Homework! ... To design a room for the future of your choice. Some pupils even went so far as to build prototypes of their final designs. Winners were selected

    by Mrs Sullivan and displayed along the main corridor for all to see!

  • A huge WELL DONE to everyone who

    took part and worked hard to

    make Science Week 2014 a big success.

  • Created for Dale Primary School 2014