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  • 1. Student Name Department Div Roll NO Subject Supervisor Name: : : : : :Patel Digant Civil B 130170106036 C.P.D.P. Dipak Bhatt

2. Description Contributorfocus on his goal and do his Work perfectly, they take responsibility for doing Work In any Situation, Contributor Have Wider View Of their work and they take pride for doing their work. 3. I met Mehul Patel Who work in Mangalam Group as a team leader. I asked some question to him and he replied truly. Before 1 weeks ago , Mr. Mehul was work on his project . He was the team leader and he must complete that project in a two days with the help 0f 7 member Coincidently 3 team member injured during this project . so much pressure created on the tem for complete their work. that time other team members told to team leader that was not their fault . These condition created because of other team members injured . so they can't do overt time . But that time Chirag was except this challenge . he did overtime . Then he was complete 13 part of task by himself. team completed their work on time because of Chirag. 4. He Replied me that the person Who work in my team should always work for the team not for personal purpose. Team member take responsibility to do team work in any situation. Team member must be honest. He is open minded person .He had wide vision for thinking within the limits. He/she is always ready to learn new thing. HE must not be selfish 5. The moral of this project is that we should always try to be helpful in solving the problems of other troubled persons, this should be our moral duty. By performing this duty we will get the mental piece and selfsatisfaction.