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  1. 1. CONTENT MARKETING VS TRADITIONAL MARKETING A P R E S E N T A T I O N B Y 9 4 9 2 8 5 6 5 8 1 | j o h n a n d . c o | j o h n z @ j o h n a n d . c o
  2. 2. 02 ABOUT JOHN+CO John+Co is a digital content marketing collaboration with the perfect balance of passion, skills, and approach, combined to deliver a measurable impact. We bring an impressive team of strategists, writers, designers, lm makers, developers and social media professionals together to create content marketing programs that deliver results for our clients. Through concepts built on shared passions, we create the kind of compelling and engaging content, supported by powerful tactics and calls to action, that get customers red up, sharing experiences, and taking action.
  3. 3. 03 CONTENTS + A CONTENT MARKETING OVERVIEW + A FEW FLAWS IN THE TRADITIONAL MODEL - The nature of traditional - A swing, and a - In Summary + THE BENEFITS OF GOOD CONTENT MARKETING - The benefits of content - A path to Volunteer Lead Generation - The Anti-Interrupt - What is Valuable? - How about a brain mesh?
  5. 5. 05 In simplest terms, content marketing is marketing that provides relevant and informative types of content to customers for free in exchange for their attention or, in some cases, their information. While traditional or mass media advertising interrupts customers to get attention, content marketing provides information that customers are looking for. In exchange, marketers tend to garner permission to market a product or service in an on going relationship. This is why its sometimes call permission marketing. Over the next few pages well present a simple, boiled down comparison between the benets of content marketing over traditional marketing. A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF CONTENT
  7. 7. 07 First, we want to be clear, traditional marketing and media has, and always will have its place. We still love it. But, lets consider how traditional advertising works. With traditional advertising, we create messaging that interrupts customers. We interrupt their relaxation, their work, their commute almost every aspect of life with billboards, magazines, newspapers, yers, TV commercials, radio, skywriting, etc. All designed to jolt a customer out of one mindset and into another to receive this message, and hopefully be in a relative place of need or want for the product or service were presenting. THE NATURE OF TRADITIONAL
  8. 8. 08 With great placement and exceptional strategy and creativity, these ads can work great to build awareness and may even be recalled when the information they provide is needed. But rarely do they provide value to customers relative to their immediate mindset, situation or needs, and rarely do they offer any relevant reason for customers to absorb them. This is why they often miss their target, or fall off the radar after a while. The mental shelf life is short, because it lacks relevance, and subsequently, the customer goes right back to what they intended to do when the ad interrupted them. That is key what was the customer intending to do? A SWING, AND A
  9. 9. 09 1. Traditional advertising tends to disrupt a moment, and might capture the customers attention for a quick moment 2. Traditional advertising interrupts customers intended moment, and asks them to shift their mindset. 3. With the exception of events like the Super Bowl, traditional ads are rarely looked forward to, and rarely are they the customers intended purpose therefore have a very short mental shelf life SO how do you provide marketing to customers without interrupting them? When they are in the proper mindset to receive and adopt your information and expertise? How do you meet them when they want to hear from you? Welcome to content marketing. IN SUMMARY
  11. 11. 11 Content marketing, as opposed to traditional marketing, is information, presented online, that provides value to your customer. Content marketing provides media-type content that customers want and seek out, and often times in exchange for permission to provide more information or services to them. THE BENEFITS OF CONTENT
  12. 12. 12 THINK ABOUT IT THIS WAY Youre considering getting into mountain biking. Great idea! Why dont you go online to do a little research, or see what your mountain bike friends are up to? Depending on where your search begins, you might find mountain bike blogs, cool mountain bike videos, posts about mountain biking in your area, guides, clubs, etc., all manner of branded content providing more info and education about the sport. In your research, you might find links to deeper, more valuable content that you want. Perhaps maps, tutorials, special offers, etc. This is valuable content and/ or information you are happy to provide your email for because its relevant to your world, lifestyle, or is helping in your decision. The content provider is now a trusted resource that has already become relevant on your journey. And now you have an existing relationship with them based on a shared passion. Someone you will turn to when it comes to a purchase decision or a recommendation. This is what we call Volunteer Lead Generation.
  13. 13. 13 Instead of developing ads that interrupt customers, at John+Co, we develop Volunteer Lead Generation. Marketing content that is relevant to what a customer is searching for. Material that adds value to a customers wants and needs. Its their intention to nd this information and entertainment, or at the very least, they are in the mindset to receive it, so they are more apt to voluntarily enter a lead cycle, or a sales funnel. Content such as: Blog posts Podcast recordings (.mp3s) White papers, downloadable guides or eBooks Infographics Apps Branded social content Video tutorials, overviews, unboxings Webisodes Anything that provides value, and helps the customer THE ANTI-INTERRUPT
  14. 14. 13 As always, value is relative. But typically content value is provided either as educational, informative, useful or as entertainment. In any case, the content, and the value it provides, is the beginning of a mutually benecial relationship. And, in any case, John+Co is here to help you create great content, measure great content, and benet from great content marketing and the lead generation it provides. WHAT IS VALUABLE?
  15. 15. A P R E S E N T A T I O N B Y To learn more, or see examples of content marketing that works, please call 949 285 6581, or visit us at But why not get started with a good old fashioned brainstorm session? Give us a call, or send us an email. We would be happy to bring our best, and brightest to the table with you for an hour or so Free. Who knows, it may be the best hour you never paid for. HOW ABOUT A BRAIN MESH? JOHN+CO 949 285 6581
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