Constructing a Digital Story

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Malcolm Roberts Wintec. Constructing a Digital Story. A short multimedia tale told from the heart A combination of digital images, text, music and spoken voice which tells a powerful story. Ingredients: Story board Images Spoken voice Sequence Music Transitions and effects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Constructing a Digital Story

Constructing a Digital StoryMalcolm RobertsWintec

What is a Digital Story?A short multimedia tale told from the heartA combination of digital images, text, music and spoken voice which tells a powerful story.Ingredients:Story boardImagesSpoken voiceSequenceMusicTransitions and effectsCooked gently and then shared!Step 1: Write an initial scriptBrainstorm ideas of your story Write down your script to match your imagesStart with a dramatic questionWrite the sentences down on stickies ready for your storyboard

Step 2: Plan the storyboardThe storyboard is what you plan to showMatch your images to your scriptWork out the orderMake a series of sketches that represent the images onto the stickiesCollect images from scanned old photos, or digital camera images or from royalty free image sites on the webStep 3: Discuss and revise the scriptDiscuss the ideas with others in a story circleTake advice from others and revise your ideas as necessaryGo over the script until your are happy with your story sequenceStep 4: Sequence the images in a movie editorSuitable movie editors include: moviemaker, i-movie or Corel video-studio.Import your images into the movie editorDrag your images onto the storyboard in the correct sequenceIdeally your images should be resized in a 3:4 ration in an image editor such as photoshop or paintshop pro or paintStep 5: Add the narrative trackRecord your narrative track as separate sound files for each sentenceRecord the sound files separately using software such as audacity or garagebandOr record the sound files in the video editorDrag the sound files onto the storyboardAdjust the image duration to match the sound files Step 6: Add special effects and transitionsLook at each image and decide what visual effect you are going to add to the pictureDecide on the Ken Burns effect: to make the image come alive eg: (ease in) etcDecide on any video filters you may wish to useDont over do the visual effects: each effect chosen should have a purposeKeeping it simple is often the bestStep 7: Add a musical sound trackChoose a music sound track that fits in the mood of your storyRip the music track from your CD or locate a royalty free music track from the internetI-movie and Corel Video studio allow the user to easily import a musical sound trackDrag the sound track onto your storyboardAdjust the volume to suit, ensure it does not drown out the spoken voiceStep 8: Preview your storyPreview your story Make any alterations to suitMake sure your story is perfect in terms ofTimingClarity of soundImages are clearTransitions are appropriateYour story is toldStep 9: Render your movieBurn your story to disc or movie fileBe prepared to wait as this process often takes timeShare your completed Digital Story with friends and familyStart planning your next digital story..