Digital Storytelling Constructing the story of learning through the lens of a student.

Download Digital Storytelling Constructing the story of learning through the lens of a student.

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PowerPoint PresentationDigital StorytellingConstructing the story of learning through the lens of a student.The learner will understand the components of digital storytelling, the benefits of using this as a learning activity to deepen student understanding, and best ways to integrate it into instruction.The learner will be able to create a digital story using Movie Maker or another digital tool.We hope this will be you!Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.When a digital communication is finishedis should be remembered for its NOT the bells and whistles of technology. -Benjamin PortersoulWhat is digital storytelling?Digital Storytelling isThe process of writing a story, and adding the multimedia elements of voice, imagery, and sound to create a visual story.A Teaching and Learning ToolTeaches-Research or Curriculum BasedWritingOrganizationPresentationDevelops -CollaborationCommunicationCritical thinking CreativityMost importantly, it providesA voice for students with a means and power to communicateAn authentic personal learning experience Projects IdeasPersonal NarrativesSeamless integration into CAInstructional or Informational StoriesUsed to explain or instruct in any content areaHistorical StoriesGain deeper understanding of events, places, people-Not just a re-telling of factsBook TrailersCreating book reviewsDocumentariesRecording class, school, or other eventsThe possibilities are endless!The Digital Age is the Storytelling AgeWe all get to tell our stories in our own way on the great stage of the Internet.Identify the Story Topic and PurposeDetailsWhat is the point of view for my story?What imagery, videos, and audio will I need?Where will I get the media that I will useHow will I cite my sources and use supporting documentation?How will I assess the project? As a literacy project? As an art project? A content area project?Finding ResourcesStudents sew the information together in an organized way that forces students to think about the entire body of information.Scaffold the Process for StudentsStories told using one imageStories told using a sequence of imagesStories told using a sequence of images with a specific point of viewStories told using a muted video clipStories told using student identified images and set purpose and/or point of viewStories with student identified images/media and student determined purpose/point of viewCompletely developed by the studentSources of VideoYouTube ( Education (downloadable videos) Library of Congress ( Creative Commons ( Use restriction of the Copyright Act Snipping ToolSound RecorderSources of Musicwww.soundjay.comDiscovery EducationSearch.creativecommons.orgStoryboardingCreate a story board connecting the visuals to the narrative and detail the story telling processFlushing out the details of the core storyWhat is the structure of my story? ScriptThe narration forms the foundation for everything! The narrative must be solid for the story to be successful. Just like good writing is re-writing, good narrating is re-narrating.Media ProductionProductionRecordListenEdit with visualsWatchReviseSpecial effectsTitlesBackgroundsTransitionsCredits and citationsVocabularySource files the digital media that you will import into your current projectAudio files: mp3Image files: jpeg, gifVideo files: mp4, wmvAnd there are othersChallengesDeveloping a meaningful storyAccessing technologyFinding good contentSetting aside the timeAdhering to Copyright and Fair Use lawsLets Play!


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