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  • P. 1 Retail SeRviceS Colliers International

    cOllieRS iNteRNatiONal

    Retail Specialized Real Estate ServicesAccelerating success.

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    This document has been prepared by Colliers International for advertising and general information only. Colliers International makes no guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, regarding the information including, but not limited to, warranties of content, accuracy and reliability. Any interested party should undertake their own inquiries as to the accuracy of the information. Colliers International excludes unequivocally all inferred or implied terms, conditions and warranties arising out of this document and excludes all liability for loss and damages arising there from. This publication is the copyrighted property of Colliers International and/or its licensor(s). 2011. All rights reserved. 012012

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    Youre an expert in knowing what your customers wantoften before they do. We bring the same approach to your business.

    Colliers International is built on an enterprising culture of collaboration and innovation. We provide creative, strategic solutions to all our clients.

    Whether you need sales and leasing brokerage, property marketing, research and demographics, or asset and property management, we have over 300 retail professionals across North America who can meet the real estate needs of retail tenants, landlords and developers.

    Todays real estate challenges require more than geographic reach and local knowledge: they require integrated expertise in market segmentation, valuation, disposition, assembly, debt and equity strategies and much more.

    Our integrated platform and our experienced professionals will bring you closer to your customers.

    As you focus on your customer, we focus on you.

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    RetaileR SeRviceS

    Remember when the most important maxim was Location, location, location? Today, smart business decisions about your real estate require complex information: lifestyle segmentation, demographics, spend forecasting, competitive assessments, and site-specific accessibility and visibility issues are the new retail location vocabulary.

    Whether you are expanding, relocating, contracting, or just optimizing your existing locations, our professionals are here to help.

    StRategic PlaNNiNg

    We will develop strategic development plans to achieve your business objectives on an urban, regional or national market basis. Our comprehensive retail site selection services take the guesswork out of market location decisions.

    Our professionals use their local market knowledge combined with the most technologically advanced systems to study demographics, forecast future spend, assess competitive landscapes and identify trade areas in order to develop flexible development plans.

    Site SelectiON

    Once we identify target markets, our professionals will source the best locations available in those markets, including publicly available and off-market options. We will use demographics, spending forecasts, competitive analyses and trade area analyses to determine the right locations for your business within those markets.

    We ultimately secure optimal locations for your business by negotiating competitive lease terms for each site.

    PROject MaNageMeNt

    Nowhere are time and budget constraints more critical than in retail. Colliers professional, certified project managers provide leadership for your projects to achieve aggressive turnover schedules and get your doors open faster.

    From conducting feasibility studies, navigating local and munucipal development approvals to opening day, our proven methodology deliverson time and on budget.

    leaSe adMiNiStRatiON

    Real estate is a demanding component of any retail operation, and navigating the complexities of multiple locations and markets can be a critical challenge to growth of your business.

    From tracking locations, monthly obligations, rent increases or critical option or renewal dates, our cutting-edge technology platform provides you with a clear and timely understanding of the real estate component of your business.

    Retailer Services

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    laNd aSSeMbly & acquiSitiON

    We know that every successful development project starts with the right piece of land. Our team of professionals works with local developers and land owners to identify opportunities. By understanding our clients development criteria, civic planning, zoning requirements and development horizons, we help ensure an optimal pipeline to maximize development output while minimizing risk.

    PROject leaSiNg

    Attracting and securing the right tenants can be the difference between success and failure of any development project. Our team of professionals works in a collaborative environment, both locally and nationally, to bring the right retailers to the right projectsand provide value for developer and retailer alike.

    PROject/cONStRuctiON MaNageMeNt

    Colliers expert project managers work on your behalf to manage risk, maximize opportunity and achieve success. Providing program management, project management, sustainability expertise and assistance with LEED certification, our specialized professionals help you manage your risk and deliver your projects on time and within budget.

    diSPOSitiON/iNveStMeNt SaleS

    Colliers disposition teams use their national and international reach to market your project to the widest group of potential purchasers. This approach balances local market characteristics with national/international market conditions, allowing you to get the maximum return on your investments.

    aPPRaiSal/valuatiON SeRviceS

    The Colliers team of professionals offers a full range of services including valuation, property tax reviews and advisory services. Now more than ever, you need the accurate and timely information that our professionals provide to capitalize on new opportunities before they arise.

    Developer Services

    Knowing what to build is just as important as knowing where to build it. Our team works with developers from conceptualization to completion to ensure the project vision meets their objectives, as well as the neighborhoods retail requirements.

    Our expertise in demographics, retail forecasting, site plan analysis, merchandising/tenant mix planning, project/construction management, project leasing, and sustainability consulting guarantee the planning and execution to bring your plans to fruition.

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    Owner Services

    RePOSitiONiNg/RedevelOPMeNt SeRviceS

    The retail business never stands still; retail portfolio management that anticipates change outperforms those that are reactive or dont react at all. Our professionals help identify shifts in retail demand, so you can reposition or redevelop your assets and continually maximize their potential.

    valuatiON/aPPRaiSal SeRviceS

    Our appraisal professionals have the resources and structure to handle both local assignments and major or cross-market portfolio work. Our professionals represent the ideal mix of local and national expertise to you keep abreast of changing market conditions at any level.

    PROPeRty (PORtfOliO) acquiSitiON/diSPOSitiON SeRviceS

    As a strategic partner, our team of professionals understand your investment requirements, to better identify opportunities that fit your needs. Our in-depth local market knowledge and collaboration allow us to identify these opportunitiesoften before they come to market.

    PROject leaSiNg

    Our team of leasing professionals knows the value of placing the right mix of retailers in the right locations. Our knowledge of local market dynamics and our relationships with local, regional, national and international retailers enable us to find the optimum retailers to maximize the performance of your retail assets.

    MaNageMeNt SeRviceS

    At Colliers, we know that efficient operations enhance the viability of your tenants and ultimately create value for your property. Our specialized knowledge of strategic asset management planning ensures the leasing strategy, tenant mix, marketing programs and management plan all aim at maximizing the value of your asset.

    Truly enterprising portfolio management is built on strategic vision, not just transactional acumen. Whether identifying acquisition opportunities, disposing of under-performing assets, implementing effective leasing programs or managing properties more efficiently, were always seeking opportunities to maximize the value of your assets.

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    cOllieRS ON the RiSe

    While our competitors cut their losses, weve flourished: expanding our organization, growing our revenue, investing in a unified company.

    Its no accident that we were ranked the #1 real estate firm in the U.S., and that ours is the second-most recognized and respected brand globally.

    Weve helped our clients weather some of the hardest economic times in living memory. How can we accelerate your success?

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