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    From the 'buzz' word in the computing world, cloud computing has matured as a full-fledged business strategy that

    holds many advantages and applications. Even now a lot of enhancements and innovations are going on to make the

    services faster, better and safer. The idea of getting access to state of the art technology and high end software

    applications without actually having to bear the cost of acquisition and maintenance is an amazing boon for any

    small business owner. Let us look closer into what cloud computing services are and how they can help businesses in

    achieving their goals.


    Cloud computing services have been able to achieve this level of popularity in the market because of the many

    benefits that they offer to users. First of all, these services prove to be much more economical that actually having to

    acquire these assets and technological devices. Computing hardware and software are usually extremely expensive

    and require frequent maintenance and upgradations. But with the cloud, you do not have to think about these issues

    at all. The purchase and maintenance of the machine will be managed by the service provider while you get to enjoy

    its usage without having to worry about a thing. This access is of course available at a cost but it is much lesser than

    what you would have had to bear in case you were handling the hardware in house.

    The availability of unlimited options is the second biggest advantage of cloud computing services. Most companies

    offer the feature of unlimited service on number of users, storage capacity, backup size, user access and almost

    everything possible. Generally there are no additional costs; even if there is any it still can be very low.

    The devices/data/software that you are planning to use through the cloud will be available for use to you wherever

    you may be, even on the go. All you need is a machine to access these services and a stable, high speed internet

    connection to get you started. You can go ahead and manage your work from anywhere in the world this way.

    The settings and configuration of these programmes are also not a headache for the end user. Most cloud

    computing service companies have in-house technical teams to help manage all these requirements in the most

    effective manner possible.


    You can see from the above enumerated aspects that cloud computing truly does hold many advantages to be

    enjoyed by end users, especially small business owners in need of technological resources. But the concept does

    have a few pitfalls. You have spotty or slow internet connectivity that cannot be easily upgraded (remember, your

    life now depends on either the internet or dedicated data circuit to your cloud provider). Plus you might have to

    invest some money in your existing software which might be ill equipped to handle cloud computing services. But

    once you have the requisite power, most of your technological needs will be resolved.

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