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The advantages & disadvantages of

The Advantages & Disadvantages of

Group Members:See Wen Han Teng Li Yik Grace Wong Eric Lo

Agenda Give a clear understanding about:Day carePros and cons Making the right choices

What is day care?Provides childcare serviceProvides early learning opportunities For infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and school-aged childrenown homes, relative or caregiver, or in a centre-based facility. State government.

Types of day careCentralized based careFamily childcare providersIn-home caregiversCare provided by relatives, friends, and neighbours

Why day care? No time to take care of their children Lower chance of being depressedAcademic readinessYour child is in good hands. Socialization.

The importance of understanding the pros and cons: In making the right decision Your childrens development is well organized (the programmes and activities)The food provided by day care (allergic to your child) How does it benefits your children

Advantages of Day Care

Professionalism of Day Care CentreTaking good careOrganized scheduleFacilities

A good place to prepare a child before schooling AccustomLess separation anxietyIndependent

Parents can go to work with a peace of mind.Licensed day careWell organizedFully staffed

Disadvantages of Day Care

It can also be a dangerous place.

WHY? (2 main reasons)Contagious disease spreads easilyLearn undesirable behaviour

Contagious disease spreads easily

The longer time spent with other children might exposed to risk of being infected by disease.


Learned behaviourYoung progeny is like a sponge that can easily absorb new stuff in the day cares environment


ParentsCost Parents usually are overwhelmed and burdened by the cost of day care.TimeMany parents that are too busy often neglect their children by send them to daycare for a long period of time.





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