the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy advantages and disadvantages of wind energy

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  • The advantages and disadvantages of wind energy Advantages and disadvantages of wind energy
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  • Advantages A renewable energy source Doesn't produce greenhouse gases Practically no costs when in use Doesn't produce waste
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  • Disadvantages Requires a lot of space Loud noise Can spoil the landscape Needs specific conditions (speed of wind) Can't be utilized all the time Storage of electricity can be difficult (only in batteries or as thermal energy in water) Might kill birds or bats Low efficiency
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  • Wind power plants can spoil the landscape...
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  • Wind energy in Finland
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  • Usage in Finland Wind energy is only 0,7% of all produced energy The aim is to increase the share of wind power to 6-7% of all of the energy we use (2020)
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  • Wind power plants In Finland there are about 120 wind power plants The biggest are in Kemi, Hailuoto, Korsns, Kuivaniemi and Reposaari The power plant in Kemi has 10 turbines. The size of each turbine is 3 MW and together they produce 80 000 MWh energy per year
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  • Locations The windiest areas are located on the west coast power plants are there Most of them are near Oulu and land Islands Oulu Kemi land Islands land Islands
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  • Locations
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  • Reasons for low usage Planning is complicated and it takes a lot of time The amount of wind varies during the year Snow and coldness during winter can damage turbines We have two nuclear power plants (four reactors in total), which produce approx. 23% of total electricity produced in Finland
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  • Private owned wind turbines Some of us have small private turbines They are used in: Farming Households Summer cottages Sailing boats The price of a small wind turbine is about 12000 The size of them varies from 100 W to 2 kW
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  • Production and the amount of installations grows every year Installed capacity (MW) Production (GWh) Production index (%)
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