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The prime objective of ChitChat is to create a full-fledged Android application which could provide the user a chat box using which the user can talk with any anonymous by just opening this android application. There is no need for even registering. Every time the users click the refresh button they will be randomly connected to another user.


  • 1. Mangalore Institute OfTechnology and Engineering

2. CHIT CHATGroup Members :Project Guide :SupriyaRakshithaRaghuveeraTejaswini Project Coordinator :Abdul Khader Manjunatha A.S. 3. What is android?Simply an Operating System (OS) created by Google torun on any small electronic devices such as cell phones,e-books, Media Internet Devices (MID), netbooks,Internet tablets, and many other devices .An OS is similar to Windows that controls your desktopor laptop personal computers. 4. Why Android?Its an open source software.Any phone manufacturer can use Android withoutexpensive license fee from Google. Because it isOpen.Manufacturer can modify Android without restriction,allowing it to fit the device they are making - totalfreedom.The ability to run tens of thousands of apps is anotherbig incentive.Android is present trend and the future. 5. What is CHIT CHAT ?Whyis CHIT CHAT ?Whois it intended to ? 6. What is CHIT CHAT ..? 7. ChitChat is to create a full-fledged Androidapplication which will provide the user a chat box.The user can chat with any anonymous, by justopening this android application. 8. Every time the user clicks the refresh button the userwill be randomly connected to another user and canadd to the friends list.Recently connected 5 users list will be maintained, sothat the user can connect to the last chat.The user can directly connect to any of his/her friendsif he knows their IP address. 9. Software RequirementsJava Development Kit (JDK-7-windows 64bit)( Programming Language by using the EclipseIndigo Integrated Development Environment (IDE).( ) 10. Android Emulator and the Android DevelopmentTools (ADT) plug-in for Eclipse. ( Software Development Kit (SDK) whichincludes a variety of custom tools that helps us todevelop mobile applications on the Android platform.( 11. Hardware Requirements Hard Disk- 1GB(minimum) RAM(512 MB) Processor(Dual Core) 12. Why CHIT CHAT .. ? 13. Friends List !! - big relief 14. No Abusive Language - bigger relief 15. NoRegistration!! - biggest 16. Who is it intended to ? 17. BusinessStudents Professionals Chit ChatEmployeeCommon people 18. STAGES Step 3 (Future Step 2Enhancement) Friends list Chat rooms No Abusive Video ChattingStep 1LanguageChat Box Design and Connection Establishment 19. Literature surveyThis is one of the best InstantMessaging application to stayconnected with more than oneservices at a time like AIM, Facebook,Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN,MySpace, Yahoo and Meebos ownchat client. With all the necessaryfeature and real-time chattingexperience this is must have androidchat application. You requireregistering to the services only if youwant to use the services provided bythe client that is Meebo. 20. Mundu IM:This has same functionality as ofother chat applications, which isintegrated with different IMs andthere is no need to register for theclient services to access theirfeatures. With user-friendly interfaceand ease to operate this is one of thebest chat applications for newbies inandroid community. 21. References


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