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    C I V I L - M I L I T A R Y F U S I O N C E N T R E

    Mediterranean Review29 February 2012Comprehensive Information on Complex Crises

    The London Conference-Hope for a New Era in Somali Politics

    By Britta Rinehard

    The London Conferenceon Somalia, which convened on 23 February 2012, brought together thelargest and, according to British Prime Minister David Cameron, the most influentialgathering

    of stakeholders to discuss the future of Somalia, including 55 delegations from 40 countries

    across Africa, the Middle East and the West. The Conference communique acknowledged the

    role of the international community as a facilitator in Somalias progress and development with

    the inclusion of the Somali people in the process. The conference focused on seven topics dis-

    cussed in depth below:

    1. Political ProcessWhile speaking at the conference, Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, called the

    crisis in Somalia a political crisisand can only be resolved by political means. As such, confer-

    ence participants affirmed that there will be no further extension of the Transitional Federal Insti-

    tutions (TFIs), whose mandate will expire in August 2012, and invited movement towards a more

    representative government through agreements such as the Transitional Federal Charter,DjiboutAgreement,Kampala Accord, and Transitional Roadmap. Participants endorsed the convening of

    a Constituent Assembly representative of the views of Somali people in all regions and constitu-

    encies and emphasised the urgency of tackling corruption and improving transparency and ac-

    countability in the collection and use of public revenues.

    2. Security and JusticeConference participants affirmed that security in Somalia will only improve in tandem

    with better justice and the rule of law. The meeting acknowledged recent successes by African

    Union (AU) and Somali forces in the country as well as the successful ousting of al Shabaab re-

    bels in various regions and welcomed joint planning by the UN and the AU. The UN Security

    Council was also commended for its adoption of Resolution 2036, which expands the African

    Union Peacekeeping Mission in Somalias (AMISOM) mandate and raises troop levels. Of partic-

    ular importance, the conference called on Somalis themselves to maintain and develop the justice

    and security sectors and identified necessary steps for their improvement.

    3. Piracy

    The international community condemned piracy and commend the work of the Contact

    Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS) and international militaries operating in the

    Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. Attendees acknowledged that in order to find a lasting solution

    to piracy, the issue requires a comprehensive approach on land as well as at sea. Participants

    reiterated their commitment to support communities in addressing the underlying causes of piracy

    while focusing on maritime capacity-building initiatives and efforts to bring pirates to justice.

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    29 February 2012

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    4. TerrorismConference attendees agreed that more emphasis should be placed on disrupting terrorists travel to and from Somalia in

    addition to terrorist finances. This is expected to be accomplished through support to the Somali criminal justice system and by

    countries in the region implementing the Financial Action Task Forces (FATF) recommendations on combating money laundering

    and the financing of terrorism. The international community also agreed to work with the Global Counter Terrorism Forum ( GCTF)

    and other international and regional bodies to disrupt terrorist activities and address root causes.

    5. Stability and RecoveryThe gathered representatives acknowledged pockets of stability within Somalia, a