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  • 1Where Style is ExposedVolume 9

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    NYFW Spring 13 TRENDS

    Fall/Winter Must Haves

  • 2LaRae Wilson, Editor in Chief of Bipolar Naked and CEO of Bipolar Gear is , an Indiana native who currently resides in Los Angeles, is the creative spirit behind fashion label, Bipolar Gear. Bipolar: having or marked by two mutually repellent forces or diametrically opposed natures or views. Bipolar Gear is the evolving, expression of individuality combining two extremes at the same time.

    Established in December of 2008, Bipolar Gear Designer

    LaRae Wilsons passion for creating groundbreaking colorful and eccentric mens and womens wear by creating pieces that make you feel sexy and young. While creating this vehicle to express myself, I found that I needed more. I wanted to reach more people...I wanted to start a MOVEMENT!!! So, with no hesitation Bipolar Naked was born. This magazine was established at get the word out about all the great services local businesss provide to showcasing the hottest up and

    coming artists. On a social scale I wanted begin dialogues about topics that may be difficult for mainstream magazines to discuss.

    Bipolar Naked provides a voice in the community that is being heard loud and clear. Bipolar Naked you never know what you are going to get, but you know it will be AMAZING!!



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    Editorial Correspondent

    Jasmine JonesFashion Photographer

    Melyssa Davis

    Fashion Correspondent


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    10/15/2012618 S. SPRING ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90014


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    The Little Black Dress

    By LaRae Wilson

    Chanel, Juicy Couture, Tori Burch, J.Crew, BCBG, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, just some of the few big names that were featured in this years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. Fashion week in New York has been a must attend event for any lover of fashion since its rst year in 1943. Although back in 1943 Paris was to be the only city with a fashion week of its own so fashion editor Eleanor Lambert whom organized the event named it Press Week. Originally Press Week was designed for fashion industry insiders that couldnt travel due to World War II, buyers were not allowed into the events and had to make private appointments with designers in their showrooms to see their new seasons line. Let us be thankful that in 1990 the event was altered to a public event so now we as fashion lovers can be up to speed on every seasons fashion trends. Patterns, prints, textures and bold colors were all amongst the most inuential designers this year.

    By Melyssa Davis

  • Chanels line this year was very soft and romantic

    with many dresses and long evening gowns all of

    textures. Lace and chion incorporating feathers

    and pearls were all of which tied her line together.

    The color pallet was very intimate, mixing all

    shades of whites and nudes with soft pinks and

    black. The Chanel spring 2013 line was very

    elegant and sophisticated, but then again when

    isnt Chanel elegant and sophisticated?



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    e 9

  • Now for those who arent so girly the Michael

    Kors line is perfect for you. Michael Kors line

    is one of the favorites from this seasons show.

    He kept his line very clean cut, very linear with

    the use of bold colors. Using bold reds, greens

    and blues and cleanly integrating them with

    black to give the colors more of a pop. The

    Michael Kors evening ware was fresh. It was all

    black but he had very dierent cuts and peek-a-

    boos within each gown that gave them the little

    bit of sex appeal.

  • Now Juicy Couture took a slightly dierent path

    into introducing their line, instead of a more

    traditional runway show they screened a fashion

    video, it was also the lines rst year in NYFW.

    The star being Victoria Secrets very own angel,

    Candice Swanepoe. The video was screened

    outside of the famous Metropolitan Opera House,

    viewers watched and sipped pink champagne.

    Their line was very bold, using denim for dresses,

    jump suits and jackets. Every look had a pop of

    red, whether it being in the shirt, shoes or pants.

    Prints were incorporated into short shorts and

    jumpsuits, all very fresh and cute perfect for the


  • So for next season keep in your thoughts

    fashionistas, bold colors! Bright reds and blues

    and greens o set with black. As many articles

    after NYFW have stated, Black is the new Black,

    so dont be scared to take your outts to the dark

    side bit. Also patterns, soft subtle patters such as

    polka dots or doves. Then last but certainly not

    least, mixing and matching dierent fabrics,

    chion and lace and leather and denim.

    Everyone has their own sense of style, so be bold

    next season and try new things, mix and match

    and have fun dressing up everyday. After all

    fashion is the best way to express how we feel for

    the day, next time you step out your door think

    of the world as your very own personal runway.

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  • Fall/Winter Must Haves

    BY LaRae Wilson

  • The Leather Jacket

    Go for a leather jacket this season

    for a cool urban look, wear with a

    pair of slim t jeans for an

    evening out on the town.

  • and earthy tones everyone else will

    be wearing.

    2. Red Over-coatsPop of colour, or P.O.C. I reckon this will

    Red Over CoatsPop of colour, or P.O.C. I reckon

    this will be big this season and will

    really make you stand out from

    the crowd among a sea of dark.

  • Black Skinny-Jeans

    Remember the leather jacket I was

    talking about earlier? Black

    skinny jeans would be a perfect


  • Mini Dress Blue

    For a night out every girl needs a

    mini dress, instead of the little

    black dress go for a shade of blue.

  • Leopard Ballet FlatsA popular print during the David

    Jones Autumn/Winter 2012

    launch were leopard. Go for a pair

    of ballet ats and rock them with

    either a skinny jean or dress.

  • Leather Gloves

    During the colder months keep

    your digits warm with a cool pair

    of leather gloves.

  • 7. Houndstooth

    HoundstoothThis season houndstooth items seem

    to be trending, to keep it check get a

    least one item with this popular


  • Wool Blend ScarfKeep the neck warm this winter with

    a wool blend scarf, layer it under a

    blazer and you cant go wrong.

  • Leather Duffle Bag

    Are you going to escaping the winter chill? Carry all your stu

    in a leather due bag.

  • Cloche HatI havent noticed the cloche hat a

    lot out on the street but maybe the

    fact I have seen it in a few

    magazines might spark a





    Gandhi's hand writing: "God is Truth. The way to Truth lies through Ahimsa (non-violence). Sabarmati, 13 March 1927, M. K. Gandhi."

  • Jack Nicholson made the term You cant handle the truth a famous phrase in the movie A Few Good Men, co-starring Tom Cruise. Nicholson played Colonel Nathan R Jessup, who is presumed to be behind the murder of PFC William Santiago. Unfortunately, for most of us, that phrase continues to resonant in everyday life. The truth is no longer the constant it was when the world and its movies were seen in black and white. No, the world is seemingly moving to Shades of Grey (much like the book) and the truth is being perversely blurred by the acceptance of each new rumor and speculation.

    Journalism, which once was the trusted source of facts, is now the product of partisan philosophy and politics. Each outlet-at war with the other for ratings- has latched on to it preferred bloc of the viewing public. Media has trading the facts for perception to gain an edge in viewership. Despite the decline in manufacturing in the United States over the past two decades, the rumor mill is churning out record profits for its shareholders. We have bored of the Katie Courics and gravitated to the Wendy Williams of the world. Its a wonder this countrys moral fiber is so anemic and the reason how we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated into ungodly wars and preventable crisis.

    I am reminded of God, on whom this country was allegedly built, and our declared trust in Him. We mark this declaration on every coin

    and on every patriotic and political event. But has this declaration been one of truth or perspective? I pray the former. The fact isTRUTH HURTS! And since we really dont like to hurt (though we love to inflict pain on others) we dont readily accept it. For example, if financi