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Beginning to Train Your Dog

Beginning to Train Your DogJerry Wiatt

IntroductionA graduate of California Coast University's business administration program and the founder of Treasure Hunt Group in Olympia, Washington, Jerry Wiatt is committed to bettering the lives of those around him through his extensive charity work. In addition to assisting with church-led goodwill initiatives, Jerry Wiatt volunteers his time to train rescue dogs to increase their chances of adoption.

Training a dog requires plenty of patience and practice, but it can be a rewarding and worthwhile bonding experience between you and your pet. Before getting into more complex tricks, there are five essential commands you should master with your dog: sit, come, down, stay, and leave it.

Train Your DogRenowned dog trainer Cesar Millan recommends starting with "sit," as it is one of the easiest commands to teach. You can make your dog sit by bringing a treat close to their nose and moving your hand up so that their head follows the treat. The dog should naturally sit as a result of this head movement. Reward them with the treat and be sure to repeat the sequence multiple times daily.

The other four commands should be aided with treats as well, enforcing the positive behavior you want exhibited from your dog.


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