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Teen Art Out nr 4

Our editorial teamEditor in chief: Cosmina Simona Mihalca Editors: Ana-Maria Dorofte Mihai Carneciu Bianca Caministeanu Ana Nua Alexa Bunea Photo credits: Irina Iliescu, Bianca Caministeanu Cover design: Ruxandra Marin Cover graphics: Irina Iliescu Layout design: Catalin Oltei We reserve the right to select the submissions received before publishing.



Table of ContentsEditorial I have a rightWe all have a right Turning sadness into kindness 6 8 4

Social WatchSmoking and how to read it 11

Cool Story BroKilling my memories to poison my future... Love.Death. Dark Angels... 12 13 14



I have a rightGive me the right to be heard, to be seen, to be loved, to be free to be Everything I need, to be me, to be safe, to believe, in something I have a right to be heard, to be seen, to be loved, to be free to be Everything I need, to be me, to be safe, to believe, in something

(Sonata Arctica I have a right )

As Sonata Arcticas song says, everyone has rights. And were not talking about law and constitution here. It is just how everyone is a human being who deserves to be taken into consideration, who matters to the world, who can think and should exist, who has to find everything he wants, who has to be himself. Truth be told, this doesnt seem as important a problem as it is when you actually feel it. We address this issue to all those who feel invisible, who are to silent, who dont stand up for themselves, who cant believe in themselves. Everyone deserves a chance as we are all important and good in our own way. No complex, no society standards should let us feel otherwise.



Father theres a little flower, beautiful and different, all alone, all alone

We are all different and it is exactly that difference that makes us beautiful and special. People tend to be afraid of what they cant understand, they rely solely on their biased perceptions and fail to stop for one second to think about the others. I wont be here to say how we are all equals and everything should be bright and happy. I just want to raise awareness of how someone can be so introverted and alone, just because no one lets him speak, no one sees him. To cut this short, I will let you enjoy our articles, as I hope that I have given you some food for thought.

Cosmina Simona Mihalca Editor-in-chief


I have a right

We all have a rightLet there be words!didnt know where to turn to You see, youre going, Im coming And well never meet again. Isnt it true that its going to hurt what it heals too? Then, why complain about all these wounds that appear? No. Not today. I wont dream anymore and I know that I will be just fine. Im going to be just a shivering human, bereft of any sensitivity to other. And I wont care anymore because no one does it. Over thinking just killed my happiness and it stole my carpe diem. Insecurities killed my self-esteem and have thrown me to the ground, because Im not good enough. Maybe you think you are fat, or youre not pretty enough, no one will love you and youll end up alone. But none of these can even compare to not being good enough. There are words we cant take back, cuts that can never be sewn together, and hearts never to be un-broken. We all succumb to this dystopia, a world where people lie or cant tell what they feel. With our calloused hands we try to touch magic, we try to light up our souls, but theres no spark. We have no right to stand up and shout that we are different! We have no right to emphasize the fact that we dont melt into that mold, we dont belong to the same stereotypes, and we dont follow the same rules. You could stand by the side and watch your entire life pass you by You could keep the veil that covers the sight of so many people, but you would live in safety unhappy. No more vitriolic lies that killed your trust, they dont mean anything in the big big world. I dont mean to obfuscate you; Im far from that But, you have got to stand for your right, shout it out and not let anyone mock you about it. Different faces, different pains. They accuse you. You cant live that perfect fairytale story, where Cinderella meets her Prince-Charming and succeed in getting away and living happily forever


after. Its kind of cruel to figure it out that reality does not resemble a bit a good-night story. Enshroud your pride and live in the moment. Youre young and youre wasting your time. Isnt that a pity? Find you sound and listen to the colors surrounding you and youll be able to pull that canvas off. Tell them loud and clear that you do not care what they think. Just because you have a right.

Mihai Carneciu


I have a right

The right to be you!There comes a point when you start wondering, if all that youve done in the past is truly for yourself or for others. Of course, you live in a free world, where you have every right to act as you want to, but are there any boundaries ? How do we know that what we do is 100% us and when did we stop being ourselves, just to please others? Many of us feel the need to change, in order to be part of a group. Sometimes, we even start playing a role, wearing a mask and acting in a different way than usual. For a while, it works because everybody else sees only what you allow them to see. Its like a safety device, that you turn on and off whenever you want to and you simply know that it protects you, from the fear of being rejected or placed in the wrong category. However, after some time you realize that, you have forgotten what made you unique in the first place. If you allow someone from your group of friends to control you, to make decisions in your name, then you lose the right to be free, along with your individuality. Also, if your group starts judging you, for every little thing that you do and wants you to change, instead of accepting you for who you are, then something is definitely wrong. Maybe its all part of the process of growing up and learning how to face these kinds of situations, but people who choose to act differently in front of others are just lying to themselves because life means much more than fitting in a crowd. Life is finding yourself and being happy with what you are. Bianca Caministeanu


I have a right


urning sadness into kindnessUnfair adults are always Giving lectures everytime we meet. Being unable to show their true selves, They become grouchy as they get hurt. Getting the new wind On your side. Its okay now to search For the legendary blue bird. Its natural like the rainbow That,somehow, Is piercing the clouds and appears After a long rain of tears. Turning sadness into kindness, Your uniqueness into strength. Believing that you should be Able to do it Once again,once again. Are you ready?

Turning sadness into kindness, Your uniqueness into strength Its okay to get lost when you begin, So start to walk,once again. Do you like to answer someones expectations And be praised for it,after, Even if you sacrifice what you really want to do? Will your beautiful smile be true? I wake up after dreaming Just at the beginning, But I will grasp what happens After that with my arms. The most important things Are always without shape. Even if you lose it,you dont notice. The most important things Are the ones with no form. Even if you have them,you dont know.

Bunea Alexa


I have a right



Social Watch

Social Watch

Smoking and how to read it


moking in public areas has been a hot issue that was debated all around Europe. The results?Some countries banned smoking in public areas such as restaurants alltogether, whereas the countries that didnt are raking in the profits from increases in tourism. But thats not the object of interest for this article.Nor does it concern my right to choose whether I want to inhale smoke passively or not.Unlike these 2 topics, theres a particularly interesting one that is seldomly discussed and that would be the behaviour of a smoker and what that can tell us about persons. While I was reading the books of tells, how to tell peoples thoughts from their gestures, a nifty little publication I had initially rejected because of the somewhat nerdy (to be read:desperate) nature of the title, it suddenly dawned on me that a smoker offers a whole lot of information on their feelings, maybe more than our non-smoking interlocutors. Smokings a social activity.At least for yall teens who dont really need a whole dozen of it everyday, but smoke it nevertheless, due to the multitasks that poor little cigarette performs: the reduction of social anxiety, that incredibly cool halo of smoke that surrounds you, as well as a chance to freeze or hiperventilate (in accordance to the seasons) with your friends in the schoolyard.No matter which of these reasons motivate your smoking urges, this is for sure: one can tell a lot about a person from the way they hold their cigarette. People who shield their cigar with their hand tell something about their job.They tend to work without being shielded by a roof, like construction workers.Interesting fact: a student who knows he shouldnt be smoking will also use this gesture in order to protect themselves.

There are courting reasons for which a man holds his cigar in a different way between his middle finger and pointer than a woman.The female of the species will hold her stick to the outer side of her fingers, which will also be in a stretched position, in order to emphasize her wrist and her feminine elegance.Males, on the other hand, will prefer their scepter closer to the place where his fingers (which will be slightly bended) unite. The reason b