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  1. 1. Akbar's Mausoleum Agra
  2. 2. HISTORY:The third Mughal emperor Akbar the Great (15551605), himself commenced its construction in around 1600, according to Tartary tradition to commence the construction of one's tomb during one's lifetime. Akbar himself planned his own tomb and selected a suitable site for it. After his death, Akbar's son jahangir completed the construction in 1605-1613. Akbar was one of the greatest emperors of his time.
  3. 3. Location:It is located at Sikandra, in the suburbs of Agra, on the Mathura road (NH2), 8 km westnorthwest of the city center. About 1 km away from the tomb.
  4. 4. Architecture:The south gate is the largest, with four white marble chhatri-topped minarets which are similar to (and pre-date) those of the Taj mahal, and is the normal point of entry to the tomb. The tomb itself is surrounded by a walled enclosure 105 m square.
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