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Learn about Iranian cultural heritage, Iranian architecture and rich traditions in North West Iran, Ardebil province.


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2. Allah Allah Domes: Mausoleum of Sheikh Safi-e-Din Ardebily in Iran.For more information about traveling to Iran, please check out our tours to Iran! 3. Entrance: General view of Sheikh Safi Mausoleum exterior.For more information about traveling to Iran, please check out Destination Iran! 4. Exterior View: Decoration of adjacent buildings.For more information about visiting Iran with us, please review Iran tours! 5. Exterior View: The buildings adjacent to Sheikh Safi Mausoleum.For customized tours to Iran, please check out! 6. Courtyard View: Gain access to various sections of the compound form here.Learn more about taking a tour package to Iran! 7. Inside View: General view of gold decorations inside.Visit Iran with us to explore the cultural wealth of ancient Persia and modern Iran! 8. Ceiling View: Detailed view of part of the ceiling inside mausoleum.To learn more about traveling to Iran, please check out Destination Iran website! 9. More Details: Combination of blue& gold colors at ceilings.Find out more about one-week tour to Iran with us! 10. Acoustic Walls: Unique decoration of central halls walls.To learn more about a two-week tour to Iran, please see our website! 11. Chinese Porcelains: Imported from China in 17th century at the Mausoleum.To explore Iran in-depth, please check out our Iran tour packages! 12. Invitation Send an Inquiry Today Tour Packages to Iran! Tour inquiry for individuals LESS than 4 people. Tour inquiry for individuals MORE than 4 people. Ask a question!Contact Destination Iran Email: info[at] Gmail: rahman.mehraby[at] Twitter: Fax: +982166427470 Mobile: +989121889182 (Please call ONLY from 06:00 am to 06:00 pm GMT)NoOther Documents on Destination Iran Tour Packages 01 How to Travel with Destination Iran 02 Destination Iran Terms & Conditions12