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Lord! Who am I, and of what company? How long shall tears of blood thus blind mine eyes? When other refuge fails I'll turn to Thee, And if Thou failest me, whither shall I go? YOU CAN WATCH THIS PRESENTATION IN MUSIC HERE: http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/michaelasanda-1126413-hamadan-baba-taher-mausoleum/


  • 1. Baba Taher mausoleum Hamadan

2. Hamadan Not much is known for certain about Baba Taher Oryan Hamadani. The date of his birth and death are unknown, but one source indicates that he died in 1019 C.E. If this is accurate, then Baba Taher was a contemporary of Ferdowsi and Abu Ali Sina (Avicenna). Nu se cunosc prea multe despre Baba Taher Oryan Hamadani ,unul din trecei mai respecta i poe i ai literaturii persane . Data na terii i a morii nu estecert dar unele surse indic ca an al morii anul 1019 d.Hr. Dac este adevrat, nseamn c a fost contemporan cu Firdussi i cuAvicenna. 3. Baba Taher was one of the Ahl-e Haqq sect (Dervish, or Follower of Truth) .His name reveals a good deal about him: Hamadani refers to the fact that he was from the city of Hamadan and that he was a learned man (Hama dan in Persian means knowing all things). His popular name, Oryan (The Naked), implies that he was a dervish, an inspired beggar who eschewed all personal property. Baba Taher a fcut parte din sectaAhl-e Haqq(Dervi i ,sau Adepii Adevrului). Numele su ne spune lucruri bune despre el: Hamadani se refer la faptul c era din oraul Hamadan i c era un om nvat ( Hama dann persan nseamn atoatetiutor). Porecla sa, Orvan( Cel despuiat) i mplic faptul c el a fost un dervi, un ceretor inspirat, care arenunat latoate bunurile personale 4. Baba Tahers poems are recited throughout Persia to the accompaniment of the setar (three-stringed viol or lute). The quatrains (actually dobeyti, or two-line metric poems) of Baba Taher are written in local Hamadani dialect. They have an amorous and mystical connotation, rather than a philosophical one Poemele lui Baba Taher sunt recitate n ntregul Iran cu acompaniament la setar (lut cu trei coarde). Catrenele lui (dobeyti) sunt scrise n dialectul local din Hamadan. Ele au o conotaie amoroas sau mistic mai degrab dect filozofic 5. Unstable, weak though we be, Thou art our Faith, Though we be Muslims, Geuberes, Nazarenes Pentru Baba Taher Dumnezeu nu aparine unui loc sau unei religii, ci este un Dumnezeu Universal. El l vede pe Dumnezeu ca pe un creator care nu va refuza pe nimeni dintre cei care i se adreseaz Lui pentru ajutor sau sprijin, chiar dac se ntmpl s fie de religii diferite. El l vede pe Dumnezeu fr prejudeci sau prtinire. Nestatornici, slabi dac suntem,Tu eti Credina noastr,chiar de-am fimusulmani,evrei sau cretini Baba Tahirs God does not belong to any particular place, but is rather a universal God.He sees God as the creator who does not refuse any one who turns to him for help or comfort even if they happen to come from different creeds. He sees God with no prejudice or biases. 6. 7. Ahookahalso known as a waterpipe or narghile, is a single or multi-stemmed (often glass-based) instrument for smoking in which the smoke is cooled by water H ookah , cunoscut ca pip cu ap sau narghilea cu care f umul este filtrat prin ap rece pentru a-i oferi consisten. 8. 9. Baba Taher Mausoleum was constructed in the years 1967-1970 bytherenowned architect( who completed his studies in France and designed Niavarn Palace ComplexinTehran )Mohsen Furughi ,on behalf of the National Monuments Association of Iran.Mausoleul lui Baba Taher a fost construit n anii 1967-1970 de celebrul arhitect Mohsen Furughi (carea studiat n Frana i care a proiectat i complexul de palate Niavaran din Teheran), n numele Societii Monumentelor Naionale din Iran 10. 11. 12. This Mausoleum is on the basis of an octagon. Eight pillars of the tower, stone slabs of the tomb and its base, together with steps and the surrounding pavedarea are all sculptured granite. The main structure is to the dimensions of 10m x 10m and has entrances along with light suturesBaza Mausoleului lui Baba Taher este un octogon. Cele opt coloane,piatra tombal precum i baza mausoleului mpreun cu scrile i zona nconjurtoare pavat, sunt din granit cioplit. Dimensiunea structurii principale este de 10 x 10m 13. 14. 15. 16. Students from South Korea play a song, their composition inspired by the spirit of mystic poems of Baba Taher Tineri din Coreea de Sud interpretnd un cntec compus de ei inspirat din spiritul mistic a poemelor lui Baba Taher 17. 18. 19. 20. Within the internal area are 24 pieces of marble affixed, each having a verse from the poems of Baba Taher ninterior24 de plci de marmurdecoreaz de jur mprejur mausoleul, purtndfiecarecteuncatrendin poemele lui Baba Taher 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Taher Hamadani, cunoscut ca Baba Taher Orian, a fos un mistic faimos la sfritul secolului X, nceputul secolului XI. El ne-a lsat poeme delicate scrise n dialectul local numite n literatura persanFahlaviate . Mausoleul su a fost construit n 1970 i combin elegant arhitectura secolelor XIII-XIV cu arhitectura modern i arta decorativ. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. S ound:Baba TaherEnsemble- InstrumentalMagham Iran Text& images slide 2-5: Internet Pictures: Sanda Foioreanu Nicoleta Leu Arangement :Sanda Foioreanu www.slideshare.net/michaelasanda