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This document details the Organizational Structure of the Talent Management Department of the Bangalore Chapter of AIESEC. It also contains detailed Job Descriptions of each role in the OS.


  • Department OS & Job Descriptions

    AIESEC Bangalore Talent Management

  • # of AMs being engaged AND tracked as per AM Principles

    # of conversions from AM to TMP/TLP

    # of conversions from AM to oGCDP

    Driving EP & TMP Recruitment through CA AMs

    AM Feedback

    AM Certification

    Effective Tracking of all AMs

    Update LC and MC AM Tracker - Friday

    Bi-Weekly AM report Friday

    Advise VP TM about TMP/TLP recruitment from AM pool Every second weekend


    Team Management

    Skills Tracking & Assessment

  • # of TMP/TLP Roles being tracked on system

    # of conversions from TMP/TLP to oGCDP Realizations(IXPs)

    NPS Response Rate and Score

    Ensuring department-wise contribution to TMP/TLP goals

    Creating action plans to improve NPS

    Tracking of all Teams on and off System

    Supporting VPs to ensure ELD Contribution from TMP/TLP

    Update LC and MC TMP/TLP Tracker - Friday

    Monthly TMP/TLP report 3rd Weekend

    Role evolution for Teams based on Portfolio Head inputs

    Follow up with NPS Surveys

    Experience Management

    Quality Control

    Product Evolution

  • Execution of LEAD Assessment

    # of LEAD delivered effectively

    LEAD Feedback

    Creating effective LEAD programs with VP TM and Portolio Heads based on Assessment

    Ensuring Follow up to National LEAD Program

    Monthly LEAD Assessment

    Update LC & MC Tracker

    Follow up and Track outcomes with all LEAD programs

    Session Creation

    Assessing Feedback

    Leadership Skills Development

  • # of Employees in the LC

    Retention %

    PGS and Performance Appraisal Reports

    HR Reporting

    Ensuring employee Job Satisfaction

    Driving and Consolidating HR Managers' tasks and reports

    Creating monthly HR Report Every Third weekend

    Quarterly Job Satisfaction Survey

    Compiling Appraisal and PGS reports from HRMs

    HR Reporting

    HR Decision Making

    Productivity Management

  • # of Employees in the department(s) allocated

    Retention % in department(s) allocated

    PGS and Performance Appraisals

    HR Reporting for department(s) allocated

    Tracking all members activity levels and goal contribution

    Identifying HR obstacles/gaps in the way of goal achievement

    Creating monthly HR Report Every Third weekend

    Quarterly Job Satisfaction Survey

    Conducting Performance Appraisals and PGS for all members

    Session Creation

    Assessing Feedback

    Leadership Skills Development