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  • 1. Agilent Technologies Lifecycle Tracking Database

2. Tableof Contents

  • Sponsor Background
  • Agilents Existing System
  • Sponsor requirements ofProject
  • Key functions of our Product and the deliverables
  • Project Tasks - Pert Chart
  • Risk Analysis
  • Contingency Plans
  • Gantt Chart
  • Product internals
  • Test Plans
  • Team Testing of Individual Modules
  • Acceptance Test & Delivery date

3. Table of Contents (cont.)

  • Service & Startup Guide
  • User Interface & User Guide
  • Demonstration of Product
  • Obstacles
  • Outlook for Completion of Project
  • Conclusion

4. Our Sponsor Keith Price

  • Keith Price leads the quality team at Agilents Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis group (LSCA), with responsibilities for its quality management system, business process metrics system, and customer loyalty.
  • He joined HP/Agilent in 1984 as an electronic engineer and then moved into a variety of quality consulting and management roles.
  • He holds a masters degree in quality systems management from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

5. Our Sponsor Michael McCaffrey

  • Trained as a chemist and worked for many years engaged in liquid crystal research and development. Economic, business and personal changes at the time caused me to reevaluate my career choices and I retrained in the computer science field. Michael McCaffrey have spent the last 20 years in a variety of process development, process improvement efforts - lifecycle creation, inspections implementations, measurement efforts, cost/estimation improvements, quality championing, etc.

6. Agilents Existing System

  • Agilent does not have a system implemented
  • Therefore we are using VMWARE, which will present portability

7. Sponsor Requirements of Project

  • To design a webpage that can be accessed by the Life Sciences & Chemical Analysis team at Agilent Technologies (the webpage will allow them to log into their database)
  • A webpage will actually query these items:
  • 1. What Product 2. Which Phase it is in 3. The Product Name 4. Product Number
  • 5. Version
  • 6. Manager in Charge of Product
  • 7. Whether its Hardware, Software, or Chemical
  • 8. Product Description
  • To develop a simple database to query products that are released and in development. We are to track different phases of each research and development product of Agilent Technologies: Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis Department with product release date and financial project.

8. Key Functions of Our Product & Deliverables

  • The functional aspects of this particular database will track hardware, software, and chemical analysis.
  • It will track phases and all deliverables of the department and project a simple website interface.

9. Key Functions of Our Product & Deliverables (cont.) 10. Key Functions of Our Product & Deliverables (cont.) 11. Key Functions of Our Product & Deliverables (cont.)

  • Our deliverables are:
      • Tracking Database -We are implementing one database that tracks deliverables of each phase of every product life-cycle. It will need to be a form where information about the product and its status can be entered.
      • Web Page Queries the following items
        • What product
        • Which phase it is in
        • The product name
        • Product Number
        • Version
        • Manager in charge of product
        • Whether its Hardware, Software, or Chemicals
        • Product Description

12. Project Tasks PERT Chart Critical Points :ID3 + ID4 + ID5 + ID8 + ID9 + ID10 + ID11, 13,14 + ID18 + ID17 + ID19 + ID20 (5 + 6 + 33 + 4 + 15 + 8 + 36 + 1 + 28 + 16 + 1) = 153 days = Critical Point 13. Risk Analysis: Probability and Impact Risk Factors 8 8 1 AWOL sponsor AWOL team member 10 1 1 1 Group tension 9 18 9 2 Failure to network through sponsor intranet 8 48 9 5 Project tool discrepancies 7 3 3 1 Meetings for project discussions and to-dos6 15 5 3 The difficulty in contacting the team members of P4 5 15 5 3 The teams skill level on MySQL and PHP 4 5 5 1 Frequent changes by sponsor 3 15 5 3 Difficulties contacting sponsor 2 36 9 4 Technical specifications of project is to develop product tracking 1 Severity Impact Expectation Problem 14. Contingency ALL P4 Sponsor will not receive product, and team member will be documented and rendered no credit from the group if adverse results comes from this absence 8 AWOL sponsor AWOL team member 10 Lily Only the directives and objectives of the project will be completely focused on and adhered to 1 Group tension 9 Will Finding alternative methods such as using same network as Agilent internal website to host product 18 Failure to network through sponsor intranet 8 Will Specific and correct requirements will be a part from implementation, or use different project tools 48 Project tool discrepancies 7 ALL P4 All team members should know and adhere to project requirements as documented 3 Meetings for project discussions and to-dos 6 Lily Use the communication tool that each member checks the most (i.e phone, email) 15 Difficulty contacting team members 5 ALL P4 Train each other on what the other person is doing, so we can all be on the same page 15 Skill level among team members 4 Khalida Meet and email daily to ensure the specifications of the project have not changed3 Frequent changes by sponsor 3 Will Make weekly checkpoints 15 Difficulties contacting sponsor 2 Will Contact sponsor for daily meetings to clarify what is needed to build the database36 Technical Specifications of project have not been provided by Sponsor1 Responsible Person Contingency Plan Severity Problem # 15. Gantt Chart 16. Product Internal Software tools used to create product Agilent. 17. Test Plans Initial VMWARE implementation will be tested on Agilent Technologies servers. Connectivity will be configured by P4 Agilent student team. 18. Team Testing and Individual Modules TBA Staff/IT Admin Testing for Agilent staff Module 10 TBA Keith Price Testing for Agilent staff Module 9 11/13/2006 All Team Member Test Records Per Page Module 8 11/13/2006 All Team Member Test Advanced Search Module 7 11/13/2006 All Team Member Export Results Module 6 11/10/2006 All Team Member Test Printer-Friendly version Module 5 11/10/2006 All Team Member Test Search Value Module 4 11/10/2006 All Team Member Test Add Value Module 3 11/8/2006 Lily & Khalida Test website login and look at list Module 2 11/1/2006 Will Test website login and look at list Module 1 When Who Description 19. Acceptance Test and Delivery Date These are some of the test Cases that are necessary for both Agilent staff members and Student team members Create class presentation tables and values Create new tables FN#4 Adding a new field to all records in Table Create new authenticated users Create new database Create new table Function 4: Inserting a new Record Deleting a table Deleting a Chemical Deleting a Software Deleting a Hardware Function 3: Deleting a record from DB. Change Data Update Record Update new input record Update existing record Function2: Updating an existent Record Input Data Input data Chemical Input data Software Input data Hardware Function1: Data entry Testcase4 Testcase3 Testcase2 Testcase1 20. Service & Startup Guide By using WAMP (Windows, Apache server, MySQL, and PHP) the integration of the open source products were easier to use. To Start Apache Server after Windows load

  • clicking (on the lower right corner) onto this display

21. Service & Startup Guidecont. Select Restart All Services (This will restart the MySQL and Apache server for the website) 22. Service & Startup Guidecont. To test if localhost is connecting (if server is up), click on the WAMP display on the lower right corner and select Localhost on the very top: 23. Service & Startup Guidecont. Localhost should show this: 24. Service & Startup Guidecont. By entering the Agilent project you will get into the login screen 25. User Interface and User Guide After retrieving the URL to get to the login screen user will see this login screen: 26. User Interface and User Guidecont. Product_List Interface 27. User Interface and User Guidecont. Product_Add Interface 28. User Interface and User Guidecont. To Query Items Testing a Query 29. Demonstration of Product Demo by Will Liao 30. Obstacles

  • Major obstacles we faced were from the Risk analysis:
  • The teams skill level severity was 15 which was considered moderate, and was a moderate issue.
  • The difficulty in arranging team meetings, severity was at 15 moderate, but it was dif


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