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Is it worth getting a loft conversion done? Should you bother with a fitted kitchen? Is your old bathtub fine or should you finally invest in a stylish shower? This eye-opening infographic from UK Oak Doors will answer those questions, and more. The statistic lovers at UK Oak Doors have put together an infographic that lists the average cost, and average value-add of popular home improvements, to help you decide which home improvements will increase the selling price of your home, and which are a waste of money. DIY Could Save You a Fortune Some home improvements, such as loft conversions, can add as much as 20,000 to the value of your home. If you're skilled at DIY, or best friends with a builder, then you could get the job done for much less than that. Other home improvements, such as installing new central heating, are good investments even if you're paying full price. The best improvements, however, are simple jobs such as tidying up your garden, or repainting your exterior. A great looking exterior can add 5,000 to the value of your property, and will cost you very little except for some time and the price of a tin of paint.