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  1. 1. Quit Smoking Achieve
  2. 2. 95% of people who attempt to quit smoking never achieve their goal because of lack of options on the market Although statistics show teen smoking is down in the US, 1.4 Billion people smoke worldwide SMOKING TODAY
  3. 3. CONVENTIONAL SMOKING CESSATION PROGRAMS Achieve breaks the cycle of conventional quit smoking programs Quit the way you started and break the cycle
  4. 4. ACHIEVEWHO WE ARE Achieve Quit Smoking provides the most effective and non-addictive way to quit smoking. Quit just the way you started Smoking is a learned habit. We have 25 Years experience in the Tobacco and Smoking Cessation Industry Patents in the Industry: Wetted impact barrier for the reduction of tar and nicotine in cigarette smoke Tobacco Stop Smoking Patch: Help developed first prototype of the nicotine patch known today
  5. 5. WHAT IS ACHIEVE? Achieve Quit Smoking is a substitute designed to feel and puff exactly like a cigarette. Achieve satisfies the psychological addiction/habit all smokers rely on over the years.
  6. 6. SMOKELESS CIGARETTE? Inhale clean air Nothing Addictive/ Drug Free Gateway to being Free of Tobacco, Nicotine and Vapor 100% Safe Inhale addictive Nicotine Vapor Keeps smokers addicted to Nicotine Gateway to Tobacco Unknown hazardous health effects Achieve E-Cig
  7. 7. WHY ACHIEVE IS UNIQUE Achieve is a Quit Smoking Solution, not a Harm Reduction Product Traditional behavior modification products such as electronic cigarettes and nicotine inhalers are Harm Reduction Products Since Achieve does not contain any nicotine, tar, vapor, or any other possible harmful substance it is a Quit Smoking Solution Achieve is the only smoking cessation product safe to use along with nicotine replacement and prescription medication
  8. 8. ACHIEVE ADVANTAGE Combining the power of Achieve with traditional Nicotine patches Designed step down program for a smoker Step 1: Week 1 thru 4 - 21 mg patch/day Step 2: Week 5 and 6 - 14 mg patch/day Step 3: Week 7 and 8 - 7 mg patch/day Achieve advantage gives the smokers all the tools to quit smoking
  9. 9. THE ACHIEVE ADVANTAGE DIFFERENCE All patches made in USA Gives a smoker a product to use after they are done with the NRT process Some of the largest manufactures are out of the USA Only offers more nicotine patches Achieve Advantage Traditional Nicotine Patches
  10. 10. A COMPLETE STOP SMOKING SOLUTION Why people continue to smoke Psychological Physical Addiction to Nicotine Lack of Peer Support Behavioral Achieve Advantage satisfies 3 out of the 4 accepted reasons why smokers continue to smoke- behavioral, psychological, and the physical addiction to nicotine
  11. 11. LONG TERM VIABILITY Achieve Advantage provides an effective step down solution to get smokers off nicotine for good Once a smoker is off nicotine patches, Achieve as a standalone product offers the smoker a product to use when a trigger gives them the desire to reach for a cigarette Achieve can be used long term since it does not contain any addictive or harmful substances Achieve turns the phrase I need a cigarette into wheres my Achieve
  12. 12. IN CONCLUSION Smoking is a biological addiction, with nicotine as addictive as cocaine and heroin. However, there is more to being hooked on cigarettes than the physical addiction to nicotine. Saha Cain, practitioner health psychologist Smokers are comfortable holding Achieve Achieve Advantage gives a smoker a behavior modification tool along with NRT Every time a smoker reaches for Achieve it is one less cigarette they will smoke!
  13. 13. FOR MORE INFORMATION David Rosen President 267.716.4492 Paul Turkavage Marketing Manager 570.789.1289