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Slide show created to help people decide to quit smoking. For more information go to http://www.hypnosissydney.net.au


Gold Coast Quit Smoking Seminar

Become a non smoker again

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Gold Coast Quit Smoking SeminarI did it therefore YOU Can Do It!andI know the excuses smokers use, to justify their smoking ...because Ive used most of them ...Gold Coast Quit Smoking SeminarThe reason I say a non-smoker again is that everyone was born a non-smoker!Gold Coast Quit Smoking SeminarIn fact sometimes I think I invented them all and those I didnt invent Ive heard over and over again!To all the excuses I say bulls**t! So whats your excuse?and would you DARE to say it!

The ExcusesNow lets have some fun!Gold Coast Quit Smoking SeminarSplit up into pairs with someone you dont know.I want you to tell each other your excuse, one person goes first, the other listen.For each excuse you hear, unless its really tragic, I want you to tell the other person bulls**t! Then laugh out loud.

Gold Coast Quit Smoking SeminarWho wants to share the funniest excuse theyve heard?SharingWhat Smokers Lungs Look Like

Heart Disease, StrokeMany kinds of Cancer including lungs, throat, gums, stomach, intestinal, skinEmphysemaGangreneSmokers invariably die a slow and agonising death.The Real Risks Smokers FaceWhat I mostly hear from clients is that they started in their teens.One client started in her twenties.A lucky few remain social smokers i.e. They only smoke at parties or special occasions.But as you know, smoking is becoming less and less socially acceptable.

When Did You Start?Health conscious people are becoming more aware of the damage even second hand smoke causes and the toxins that exude from a smokers pores.One grandmother I consulted told me that her daughter wont let her near the grandchildren because of this! This poor woman absolutely wreaked of stale smoke, nicotine and tar odour.There is a Backlash!There is a lot of direct and indirect support when you decide to quit!The government consistently runs Quit Now campaigns.Then there is the indirect Social Support because clubs, pubs, restaurants, cafes and workplaces are smoke free.You are SupportedWhy Did You Start to Smoke?These are the most common reasons from my clients:My friends were smokingI wanted to be part of the groupI thought it was cool at the timeI thought it made me look more grown upI was influenced by the advertisingWhy did YOU start to smoke?

Why Did You Start to Smoke?Are those friends still smoking?Are you still part of that group?Knowing what you know about smoking now, do you think its still cool?Now there is no more cigarette advertising, how can you be influenced by it? Why do you continue to smoke?Now Ask YourselfWho can tell me about withdrawals?If withdrawals were a result of bodys lack of nicotine, then NRT should prevent withdrawals, isnt that so?So why do so many people keep smoking even when they take lozenges, gums or patches etc ...?Ive had clients come for Hypnotherapy who have used Champix and still didnt stop!Smoking is a habit... A nervous habit.Withdrawals When you first learned to drive you had to consciously think: Put key in ignition, turn key, put the car into gear, click on the indicator, check rear vision mirror, press the gas pedal, then pull out on to the road and accelerate.Now that you have driven for years theres hardly any need to consciously be aware of each step.You get in the car, start it, check rear vision and go! You hardly think about it because it has become an unconscious process.Nervous Habit What?Firstly many of you were probably nervous or excitedYou possibly had to be taught how to light the cigarette, you know, it wont light just by holding the flame to it, you have to draw on the cigarette.Once its lit you draw and inhale.Theres ten to fifteen draws per cigarette.The average 20 a day smoker does this repetitive action anything up to 300 times a day.The First Time You Started SmokingJust like driving a car the habit becomes ingrained in your unconscious mindUnfortunately many people get nervous, shaky, irritable, short tempered or agitated when they dont have a cigarette.

Therefore it is a NERVOUS HABIT and withdrawals are psychological!The Habit Becomes Ingrained Into Your Unconscious Mind !!! Your Unconscious Mind

Is the part of your mind that youre not aware of right nowIt associated with the part of your brain that keeps you breathing, keeps your heart beating and regulates bodily functions.The PRIME DIRECTIVE of your UNCONSCIOUS mind is to PROTECT you and keep you feeling good.Your Unconscious MindThe Prime Directive is Unconscious!If you accidentally place your hand on a hot stove element the hand automatically recoils. There is no thinking process involved , no internal dialogue oh, this is very hot, its burning me, Id better take my hand off.Understanding the Prime DirectiveWhen you had your first draw on a cigarette you probably coughed. The coughing was unconscious, a reflex action, your body wanted to expel the smoke and protect you from damage.However you persisted and created a tolerance.

Understanding the Prime DirectiveThen you persisted. You developed and established your smoking habit. Your unconscious mind became tricked to prompt or urge you to have a cigarette because you didnt feel good until you had one.

Your Unconscious MindWhat Smokers Lungs Look Like

Everyone was born a non-smoker.Then you taught yourself to smoke. You persisted until the habit was established.The good news is that you can now use your persistence to become a non-smoker again and to remain a non-smoker, breathing fresh air for the rest of your life.The Benefit of PersistenceAll you have to do now is decide that you will be a non-smoker againHypnotherapy will help you commit to your decision.Hypnotherapy will help to make you feel good about your decision.Hypnotherapy will help you to remain a non-smoker for lifeHypnotherapy will help your unconscious mind to reset and maintain the prime directive.Hypnotherapy and the Prime DirectiveAfter three months of not smoking, your lung capacity can increase by 30 % After a few years your risk of heart disease can reduce by 50%Your breath will smell fresher and your skin will look healthierYour lungs will excrete toxins when you cough up phlegm Here is What You can Expect After Quitting!Im getting on really well andhavent needed the patches and handleany thoughts about cigarettes really well. This is the best Ive felt about quitting so thank you. Brittany Bondi I had stopped smoking previously but kept starting again. After one session with Alfred I now know I will never start again PeterCoogeeMy husband and I were both smokers, he was worse than me. I could stop if there were no cigarettes around, but he would go and buy some then I would smoke again too. We decided to invest in our health and both had hypnotherapy. It was the best investment we ever made. Alana Wisemans FerryNo matter how determined I was, every time I went for drinks with the boys, I would light up again and feel rotten the next day. Alfred was able to help me break through this pattern Alex BondiI went to Alfred for his knowledge and skills to help me stop smoking. Every step of the process was challenging for me but with Alfreds great help and his ability to keep me involved was inspiring. I was impressed with his knowledge, sensitivity and professionalism. The best part of all this I am now a non-smoker and only breathe fresh air!Joanna Randwick

What Previous Clients Have SaidOutstanding results for serious minded participants.Become a non-smoker for life!Session normally sells at $500Because you attended this seminar You investment is only$297!Special Offer!Secure you spot NOW and get rid of your habit FOREVER!Dont Miss Out!