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  • 1. Burning your Life out

2. Today you are finishing meBut tomorrow you will befinished because of me 3. You Lungs- Just like this Ash Tray 4. A Smokers, Lungs 5. Alcohol makes you smoke more 6. Nicotine, Tar, CO, Hundreds of HarmfulChemicals 7. Cigarettes has made you its slave.When you do not smoke, you feel irritated... !!!!This makes you smoke.So you are smoking not for enjoyment, butto escape from this irritation..... You slaveof.... 8. SmokingAre you enjoyingor committing slow Suicide? 9. Enjoyment or Slow suicide ? 10. Enjoyment or Slow suicide ? 11. SmokingAsk...Ask..... Ask yourself Are smoking for your enjoyment? Or just to escape, from the irritation causedin your body when you do not smoke? 12. Smoking - The Killer Heart Attack You lose your legs due to circulation problem Lung Cancer Loss of taste of food 13. Smoking - The Killer Cancer of Throat, Mouth etc Affects your Skin and Beauty Early Blindness Early Baldness Early Impotence 14. Golden Puffs or Killer Puffs? 15. Heart Attack 16. Your Legs. 17. Your Teath 18. Causes Baldness in Males 19. Your skin Sags early in life 20. Twins - A did not smokeB smoked........ 21. See the Difference - 22. Early Cataracts - Early Blindness 23. Want to risk your Sex Life? 24. More Chance for Psoriasis 25. Oral Cancer 26. Persistent Cough 27. Lung Cancer Burning you out.. 28. Cigarettes lead you to Graveyard 29. Decide to Stop Now for ever.... 30. Break the Habit 31. Throw Away.....SaveyourLife and Health 32. Move Away from Cigarettes 33. Yes Not Late 34. Last Chance 35. Let us join hands 36. Each Smoker loses 5 minutes life for eachcigarette smoked. Please circulate this mail to all your friendsrelatives, strangers and even your enemies. Let us join hands to make our lovely blue planeta better place to live.